Bonneville Speed Week: The Details #1

So, this blog from Bonneville is dedicated to the little details found on the Salt.  Devil’s in the details right?  Here’s proof.

Shop Truck license plate: "Bean Bandit"

First is this License plate on a beautiful yellow hot rod pickup.  “Bean Bandit” car club from San Diego.

Hondata CRX with a thermal wrapped exhaust and belly tray bracing

Here you see the CRX from Hondata sporting a thermal wrapped exhaust and the bracing for undercar sheeting to smooth airflow and provide suction to the road as this CRX with K20A naturally aspirated power runs 190’s.

Hondata CRX with roof vanes for stability at 200mph

Here the same CRX sports roof vanes for stability at 200mph in a car that probably had a top speed of 115mph.

"Low Mileage, careful owner" for sale sign

I saw this painted on “For Sale” sign and chuckled out loud.  It says “4 Sale, low mileage! one careful owner!”.  Ya right!  This was on the removable skin of a racecar.

Bonneville or Bust trailer grafitti

“Bonneville or Bust”!  That is one of the motto’s for both racers and spectators alike.  It should read Bonneville AND Bust.  The veterans say you go to Bonneville to break something.  It’s either a Record or your racecar.  Classic!