Bonnie gets an Interior! Choose which one!

I’ve written before that the new friends I’ve made after starting are so much better then the friends I used to have. Wait, no… I mean… I’ve met some great people.


One of those outstanding new friends is Jimmy Smith from Jimmy’s Hot Rod Design. I called Jimmy to see if he could give some advice for the interior of my 1927 Ford Modified, “Bonnie”. I’ve owned the car for (god has it been that long?!) over 7 years and I’ve never put an interior in. I’ve got buy with a foam pad and recently a crappy seat I made myself. I’ve also had to put up with the, “You gonna put an interior in that thing?” questions. Well yea, finally I am. That’s where you come in.


When I asked Jimmy for advice, I was hoping for reference pics or maybe some color ideas or even a magazine or two to check out. Jimmy’s another guy who routinely flushes more hot rod history and knowledge then most folks, probably including me. That’s why he does work for several well known hot rod shops like Squeeg’s Kustoms and Pinkee’s Hot Rod shop.


Just because he’s cool, Jimmy did alot more. He threw down these sketches, along with the overall concept sketch. He didn’t have to, but he got in a groove and followed it. I think you’ll agree, the concept is right on. He nailed everything I wanted: The new oval tank placement (he even drew it laying down!) the unpainted hood with the leather straps and my new wheels and tires.


Jimmy then went way beyond my expectations with 3 interior ideas. I like them all, but now, I’ve got to choose one! What do you think? I have my favorite, but I want consensus. In honor of the upcoming election.


It’s time to vote.

Interior concept A:

Interior concept B:

Interior concept C:

So choose! A, B or C? You can also mix and match… such as Interior A with panel B.

By the way, dig the cool tonneau Jimmy drew in and also, just to blow your mind, dig the dash panel he thought up. It’s a custom piece, but I need this.

So get to voting and do it quick! I want to have the interior done for the Scottsdale Goodguys show here in November. I’ve only got a few weeks!


And if you want to get ahead on your project concept, get in touch with Jimmy Smith from Jimmy’s Hot Rod Design. In just a few days you can be scratching your head with a tough decision to make!