BringaTrailer Dodge Seneca 413 Cross Ram 4 Speed

Our friends at have some cool and unusual cars for sale.  It wasn’t hard to find one to feature at This Dodge Seneca stood out, especially for the 413 Cross-Ram that grabbed my attention.  Throw in a 4 speed and now you’re talking.  Check out BringaTrailer’s feature and let us know what you think!  You better go get on BringaTrailer’s email list too, so you can check out all the newest rides for sale that just might find its way to your garage.

Odd Design, Huge Engine: 1961 Dodge Seneca 413

Same day update: This Dodge was sold for $14,900 via the Buy-It-Now option just two hours after going out on this morning’s BaT Daily Email! Wow.

1961 Dodge Seneca 413 Max Wedge Sedan Engine

Those have to be the farthest apart pair of carburetors ever produced, and there is enough metal in those intake manifolds to cast some 4-cylinder engine blocks. The smaller engined versions must have all been crushed long ago as we are sure we’ve never seen this body style before. This one has had one re-spray in the factory color and is otherwise  very original.

1961 Dodge Seneca front end looks docile

This 1961 Dodge Seneca 2-Door Sedan looks like it had its fins installed backwards, but where else can you get a 413 Cross-Ram V8 and a 4-speed in this condition for under $15k? With this car’s odd looks, the embarrassment on the faces of the 409 and 427 guys will be even easier to come by. Find it here on eBay in San Diego, California with the Buy-It-Now nearly met.

1961 Dodge Seneca is not your usual suspect

The bizarre design cues continue in the interior, where the dash mounted mirror, gauge pod, and 4-spoke wheel make for a complicated look. The 4-speed on the floor together with the painted steel wheels and bench seat makes this a stripped sedan, but all of that is redeemed by the cubic inches under the hood.

Early 60's cars like this 1961 Dodge Seneca have killer designs

The front looks absolutely uninspiring, but the guys at the drag strip will never know what hit them. Oh, and the rear end is an 8 3/4″ with a 3.91 Sure Grip limited slip differential.

We’d love to see a build sheet that shows all of these features to be original, but even if they aren’t the price point still seems reasonable. We would make no modifications at all, just keep feeding the thirsty tank and keep some extra rear tires on hand.

Thanks BringaTrailer, that is one crazy cool Dodge!  I agree with all the comments about this unique baby blue beast.

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