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It’s been a long journey. I’m rebuilding/restoring/modifying (choose what you like) my 1963 Falcon Wagon. I’m way over due on what’s been done, but here’s where it is now:


1963 Ford Falcon wagon restoration, paint


OK, fine, the car’s been sitting around way too much waiting for me to get off my butt. I’m kinda off now, but not completely. Thanks to buddies here in town helping me “get off the computer!” and back into the garage there’s been some progress. All that’ll have to wait. For now, I just wanna ask a question.


1963 Ford Falcon Wagon, wheels, restoration, 14", 4-lug Spider Caps


Which cap?


At the LA Roadster Show, I found the Cal Custom spider caps on the left along with some Cal Custom trim rings, both still in the original, well worn box. Do you know the ones that fit on the inner ring of the wheel where a dog dish hubcap would fit? I’ve heard them called “Toby Rings” since a guy named Toby was the first to run’m. I don’t know…  I later found the two-legged spinner caps on the right, also from Cal Custom on Ebay. Both of these are steel, not plastic. Notice anything funny/unusual about them?


1963 Ford Falcon, Wagon, Cal Custom, Spider Caps1963 Ford Falcon, 4-lug, Cal Custom, Spider Cap, spinner


Here’s my wheels. Gloss black powder coated, 14″ steelies. Nothing too fancy for the wagon, mostly because… I’m keeping it 4-lug! Did you notice? That’s one thing that makes the caps unusual, they’re 4 lug, not 5. So simple steelies is what I wanted, but maybe I didn’t have much of a choice if I didn’t want to upgrade to 5 lug. Click on either picture to see it full size. I’ll need you to tell me… which one do you like better?


I’ll be painting the centers around the “lugs” gloss black so all you can see is the chrome bullets. They kinda float that way. I like it. What do you like? Bullets or Spinners?


And what’s the proper name for those rings?!


Every story I’ve written about this build can be found here: 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build. Take a look and see what you’re missing!

Which caps do you like?

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