Camaro Billet Gas Cap – SEMA 2010 – New Parts

First Gen Camaro Parts from SEMA 2010

First Gen Camaro Billet Gas Cap

Some of the displays at SEMA are overwhelming. Too many colors on banners flying everywhere and every part in the catalog cluttering up the booth make it hard to find anything, let alone the cool new parts for your first gen Camaro. Then I found Marquez Design.

I noticed the billet gas caps above shown elegantly in the mostly black booth filled with just the right number of slick looking original designs for late-60’s to early-70’s muscle cars and trucks. With the LS and LSX crate motor’s reliability and stout performance filling the engine bays of go-fast-turn-hard g-machines and pro-touring rides that never were real RS or SS Camaros, the LS badge fits perfectly.

First Gen Camaro Billet Taillights

I asked founder and cheif designer Pascual Marquez about how he got started and he walked me over to the center billet Camaro taillight above.

Back in 2003, Marquez was an admin guy that likes cars. Bored with his job and filled with desire, he created Marquez Design and put out his first Camaro taillight. That’s all it took. As orders poured in, part designs and product lines were added, but his commitment to quality never did.

I checked out the Marquez Design website and found info on all their parts and that if you need it, the Marquez crew will build your entire car too. Look for continued success from the self made, hard working Marquez who turned a passion for cars and a never quit attitude in a very successful business.

Pascual Marquez and his billet muscle car parts