Capitola Rod and Custom Classic Pictures

Hot Rods and Custom Car Show Pictures

Story Contributed by member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

Capitola, CA is a beach village tucked in a river valley in Santa Cruz County on the Monterey Bay. It’s well known for it’s antique shops, beach side surf condos and grub huts like Pizza My Heart and El Toro Bravo. And in recent years the Capitola Rod and Custom Classic.

hot rods, custom cars, monterey, cool cars, pictures

This the 5th annual Capitola Rod and Custom Classic, they pulled all the stops for this 2 day event.  I would like to say for those of you that can’t make it to the Ink-n-Iron festival (more coverage of Ink-N-Iron) that in past years, this show falls on the same weekend and makes a great substitute!

hot rods, custom cars, monterey, cool cars, pictures

When you pull into Capitola they have all of the village, as the locals would put it, closed off. The streets are lined with roadsters, classics rods, customs, woody’s, rats and so on. For that matter I could have sworn I saw a dragster this year.

hot rods, custom cars, monterey, cool cars, pictures

This show, hands down, is for the hot rod lover in all of us. The show carries on through the village all the way down to the beach side streets, but unlike last years show, they didn’t have the rods set in on the lawn in between all the surf condos. That setting made for some amazing pictures last year. But you know what? It didn’t matter cause this event was top shelf. Winchester Auto of Santa Cruz had a vendors area the size of a small house with everything a true customizer would ever want. Cam-Snappers and 57 of Capitola sponsored the show again this year.

Pinstriping artist at hot rod show

Making a showing was the bay area native pinstriping madman Rich Luna of Lunatic Customs. Who was cool enough to stop what he was doing for a couple of shots.

hot rods, custom cars, monterey, cool cars, pictures

The whole show had a great feel to it. It was kid friendly as well as pet friendly. The whole crowd and participants of the show were very down to earth. Then, when you got hungry or just felt like getting out of the sun for a cool refreshment there was no shortage grub huts or margarita establishments at every turn.

hot rods, custom cars, monterey, cool cars, pictures, classic

I could probably go on forever about the Capitola Rod and Custom classic but I will let you check it out yourself and only then you will understand how much fun this show is. In closing I’ll make it simple, I have already marked it on my 2011 calendar. I hope you will too. For more info on next years event go to and for more info on Lunatic Custom pinstriping hit up

Till next time, I’ll be watching for ya on the streets.
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