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Hot Rod Pinup Cara Mia

Cara Mia’s a tattooed Hot Rod and Pin Up model, hailing from Oregon. She says she likes to add a lot of versatility to her modeling and has a lot of different interests. She has a large modeling portfolio, and I’d venture to say that with her killer looks, it’ll be getting a lot bigger. She has a bad girl look, with ink on most areas of her body, but don’t let that fool you… Cara has a sweet side, and she’s not afraid to tell us she likes to curl up with her man and puppy, watch movies and knit scarves. Whether you like her for her spicy side, or sweet, her pictures are sure to please.

Hot Rod Model Cara Mia, Hot Rod Pin Up, Tattooed Pin Up Model, Tattooed Hot Rod Model

Hometown: Portland Oregon.
Age: 23 years strong.
Measurements: 34-27-36
Height: 5’8
Favorite band: Carrion Spring:
Movie: Spirited Away. Empire Records. Drop Dead Fred. The Toxic Avenger.
Car: I’m a sucker for a gasser, but my all time favorite would be a Chevy Nomad.

Cara Mia Pin Up Girl, Hot Rod Pin Up, Tattooed Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Hot Rod Model

We can make our best guess by the looks of you (you’re hot) but, tell us how you got your start in the Pin Up scene?

I began Pinup in Portland by fluke. A friend and I took a few pictures with his new camera, I posted them on my Myspace and it all happened from there. I met all sorts of like minded people at shows, and we just had an urge to work together. Its all in good fun.

Cara Mia Hot Pin Up Model, Hot Rod Pin Up, Tattooed Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Hot Rod Model

You are a very sexy little package, but you seem to have a bad girl side judging by your tattoos. So tell us, do you prefer to get down and dirty, any crazy hobbies? Or do you prefer to stay sweet and get dolled up?

I’m going to have to say I love a little of both. I’ve got a decent head on my shoulders and make sure to tuck into bed at a decent hour, to make it to school… However, the weekends are fair game! I love going out swing dancing, and watching awesome shows with a cheap beer in my hand. As for crazy hobbies, I can’t say that I’m too wild, my hobbies consist of watching box sets, knitting scarves, eating lots of food with my boyfriend and puppy, hanging out with the Deviants C.C., and just enjoying life as it comes.

Cara Mia Hot Rod Pin Up in Ride, Hot Rod Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Hot Rot Pin Up , Rat Rod Pin Up

I mentioned your tattoos above, which look amazing. I really like the stocking seams and bows on your legs. Care to share what your other tattoo pieces are and what their importance are to you?

I have a handful of pieces that have meaning to me. My favorite two would have to be my chest piece, and a small face from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, on my hip. My chest piece is a zombie Claddagh. The Claddagh is an Irish symbol that represents giving your love and crowning it with your loyalty. As for the hip face thing, its about the origin of love. Damn that movie is good.

Pin Up Girl Cara Mia, Hot Rod Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Hot Rod Model

What shows and events can we catch you at next?

I’ll be all over the place, a couple right off the top of my head are :
Jan28-Carrion Spring is having a show in NE Portland.
Feb9-Social D and Lucero!

Cara Mia Pin Up Posing with Car, Hot Rod Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Pin Up Girl, Tattooed Hot Rod model

You have done quite a few pin up shoots. Tell us about your wildest, most memorable shoot.

I’d have to say that shooting for my benefit calendar was probably the craziest. It consisted of  over 13 shoots, with all different female owned hot rods. Since we’re all from Portland, it was tough fighting the crappy weather and hoping for sun. Once the weather decided to hold up, it was on! We powered through the whole calendar in a matter of weeks.

If you want to see more of Cara, visit her page on Facebook.

Garage Photos taken by Roy Varga

Other Photos by Jessica and Spencer Watson

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