Chip’s Top 5 Pics from 2013 Bonneville Speed Week

Chip Barbee’s Hot Rod and Custom Car Pics from Bonneville

Words and Pics by Chip “Teach” Barbee

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Chip’s another friend from Bonneville Speed Week. I’ve seen him, shared the starting line, “media only” spot and had a great time getting to know him. This is his first time being published at, so please make him feel welcome!


“It’s in the record books. The 65th annual (SCTA) Southern California Timing Association’s Speed Week is History !!! Some records fell. The crowd was lively and the Hot Rods and Custom roamed the salt and local casino curse night with ease. Come along and take a look at my favorites from the salt and the Nugget car show.” – Teach


1) So what do you do with that rusty 4-door Edsel your uncle Fred leaves you in his will ??? Break out ye old trusty Plasma Cutter, remove all the ugly and end up with this sweeet Edsel Roadster the we ran into everywhere during Speed week.

2013 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville pictures


2) Who says imports can’t be cool. NOT US this little custom is a VOLVO 444/544. Yes we said Volvo and it’s a Kool Kustom with a K. It’s been chopped,dropped and has a custom Grill with killer Canted head lights. Topped off with a robins egg blue mat finish and old school scallops. What a ride.

2013 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville pictures


3) Fresh from a day of spectating on the salt, this American Graffiti lookin’ 32 Ford 5 window coupe has it all. Small block Chevy sporting 3 twos, the absolute perfect chop on the top plus vintage mags all around.

hot rod, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville pictures


4) This is not your everyday Volkswagen, no it’s Bonneville Bob Stahl’s 153 mph nitro burning veee dubbb we’ll have you know.

racing vw bug, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville pictures


5) Sure wish they made a truck like this trick truck here in the states today. This little ’37 Chevy is from the land down under, Australia where it’s called a UTE. A vintage ElCamino if you will.

1937 Chevy Ute, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville pictures


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