Complete Corvette – 1950’s to 2000

Reaching out to be friends or at least friendly with other car sites, I met up with Alex at “Road and Track” magazine online. Oh, you’ve heard of them?  Alex told me about a “Corvette Chronology” piece they’d compiled and thought it’d be great for the readers at  “I’ll take a look.”

1960's Corvette infoI have to admit. I didn’t look very hard.

Some time later, I finally went back and realized there was so much info about the Corvette, I missed most of it just for being in a hurry. There’s a ton to see and it’s laid out in a clean, easy to follow format when you take the time to look closely.

The coverage starts from the 50’s, but I skipped right to my favorite years, the 1960’s. (I mean, it’s hard to imagine a ‘vette with a six cylinder, so that throws out the first two years!)

Clicking on the link that says, “1960’s” you’re taken to a page with the picture above. There’s a brief description that says:

The Sixties was a decade of rocketships — both NASA’s thundering moon machines, and the rubber-burning road missiles launched by the Corvette engineering corps. As Chevy poured on the horsepower, it also forged what was to become one of the most famous names in Vette lore: Sting Ray.

On my first visit, I thought, yea, so!? I guess at that time I had some hot pinup model pictures to load up, so I moved on. DUH! In plain site, just below the intro text, I found 17 stories from the Road and Track archive about the 60’s Corvettes. Jackpot!

Every story was pulled from the 60’s so the language is a little different and the point of views aren’t quite the same… why not? That was 50 years ago! How great is the internet that we can find all that info in a snap!?

My Favorite, the 1963 Split WindowDiving in a little deeper, I clicked forward to my favorite year: 1963 split window. Only available for 1963, maybe I like them best because they’re made from that stuff in the movie Avatar: Unobtainium. (for those not gifted with a strong grasp of the periodic table, Unobtainium is a rare earth element found between Yoolneverfindum and Giantbankrollium.)

My simple click showed the picture on the left and the 5 stories focusing on 1963 Corvettes.

This one’s worth a read:

CORVETTE vs. COBRA: The Battle for Supremacy – Road Test

The only thing missing from the story is what must be the AWESOME pictures that go with it. I’m gonna volunteer to intern at Road and Track just to scan the pictures in and post them.

So take the time to take a look! Continuing on from the 50’s to 2000, the coverage is extensive. The history, well, irreplaceable.

Read everything over at the Road and Track site here:

Corvette Chronology 1950s – Special Feature