Cool Nights in Phoenix – Cruise on Central

Phoenix Arizona's Cruise on CentralInfo about the October 2009 Cruise and the $5 Charge

Carbon footprint size 12 triple E, but that was fun!

For those of us living in Arizona, April’s not necessarily the START of the cruising season, but it the sure is nice! After some ill timed rain canceled the cruise on April 11th, we got treated to some especially nice weather for April 18th. Wow, enough BS about the weather!

So how was it? PACKED! I showed up late after a busy day of honey-do’s and sports with my boys to find a packed house! At 8PM, about when I got there, some of Arizona’s finest hot rods, customs and lowriders were found cruising to the delight of the packed sidewalks along Central in front of the Park Central Mall just south of Osborn. I didn’t get a chance to cruise into the parking lot, but from the street it looked packed with cars and people and even the mandatory kettle corn vendor.

For about 2 miles, it was a rare treat to actually enjoy “stop and go” traffic cause you were surrounded by cool cars and folks having a good time. The police were out in force, but I didn’t see anyone pulled over. From what I saw, a very well organized cruise that would have probably been even bigger if not for the rain delay. I can’t wait for the next one!

Erock's Chevy Dually Rolling on 22'sAfter a mixup with my main photographer, Swanee, (the cruise is on CENTRAL, not in the Main Street Cruise in Mesa!!) I showed up to take some amazingly blurry night shots, as usual. The only decent one I shot was this one of this straight six powered roadster parked with my car’s kiss’n cousin 27 Roadster with 2.0 Pinto power in the Burger King parking lot.

The cruise was also somewhat of a “coming out” party for E-rock’s dually. He recently put 22’s on and sill drops it down on the pavement thanks to an air ride system fabbed by the guys at Lowboy Motorsports in Mesa. Erick was so jazzed about getting these wheels for his own dually, he’s made a couple other sets. He’s got them for sale, so get with him in his garage if you want some. Erock’s Garage

Anyone get any decent photos? If so, leave a reply to this blog and let me know how to get in touch. Also, anyone else with comments about the Cruise on Central, please leave them below. You don’t have to be a member to leave a comment, but you can join at any time… it’s free and we’re packed with folks from Arizona.