Cacklefest’n Nitro Burning 1930 Ford Coupe

Nitro Burning Model A Ford Coupe

1930 Ford Coupe, model A coupe, model A hot rodTwin blown 1930 Ford Coupe ready to run Nitro as seen at the 2009 So-Cal open house in Pomona, CA

When Canada natives Ken and his partner Frank Bevacqua from Top Ten Hot Rods and Customs build a hot rod, they follow their motto: “Bad Done Good”. That exactly describes their ground pounding, nitro burning, fuel injected, hemi powered, twin McCulloch blown, tube frame 1930 Ford Coupe. Do I have your attention?

Built as Top Ten’s calling card of badness, Frank told me he loves the funny cars and front engine diggers you usually see at the popular cacklefest events, but where are the coupes? At drag races and for the first time at the 2009 LA Roadster Show, cacklefests are awesome. If you’ve never seen and more importantly heard a “cacklefest” then you’re missing out. Imagine 5-20 nitromethane or “fuel” burning beasts from the not-forgotten yester-year of drag racing’s lined up, and lit up, usually at night or just dusk to see the signature yellow flames shooting from the exhaust pipes. You know you’re in the right place when the push cars used are 1960’s vintage too. But that’s another story!

hot rods, hot rod model a, hot rod ford coupe
Top view of this Cacklefest ready, twin blown 392 Hemi Ford Coupe

This car’s built for show, but damn it would be fast! Featuring a 1957 392 Hemi with Enderle fuel injection force fed by matching, twin (yea 2 of them!) 1957 McCulloch superchargers modified to run without clutches to feed about 20lbs of boost, EACH… to the 7:1 Hemi. Frank says about 1000hp on gas and maybe 2 large on fuel. All that runs through a Chrysler 4 speed.

The talk of the SoCal Speed Shop’s Friday-before-LA Roadster open house, this car was heard by many. My friends and I all mistook the McCulloch blowers for turbos because of the ear piercing whine they made when Ken romped on the throttle for a grinning and growing crowd of onlookers. Anyone who heard it knew it was not ordinary “rat rod” as it barely idled, popped and whined begging for the nitro that would’ve sent us all gasping for air. Perfect!

1930 Ford Coupe interior, hot rod model A
All Business interior featuring a 1936 Olds wheel and Chrysler 4 speed

Construction on this fuel coupe, while rough-looking at a glance is all professionally done and appears race ready. The Hemi is supported by a custom full tube frame and cage built from cold rolled 20 gauge. A 9 inch trac-loc with 4:11 gears is found out back with a vintage army surplus oxygen tank that looks right at home. Walking from front to back, looking closely you’ll see the full length belly pan and get stopped in your tracks by the wild 22″ wheels up front.

Those 22’s are from a horse drawn International Harvester sickle mower. Highly modified to fit the Ford spindles and motorcycle tires, the Top Ten guys say they might make more. They must have answered, “What are those wheels from” about 10 times a minute! The back wheels are 19-inchers, also from a tractor (of course?!) widened with Ford Centers.

hot rod pinup mimi la minkz, 1930 ford coupe, hot rod 1930 ford
…the lovely Mimi La Minkz with her vintage gold metal flake helmet

Other cool details? Dig the1947 Canadian Cockshutt grill (yea, another tractor) and the 1936 Oldsmobile accessory steering wheel mounted on the swing away steering column. It’s a tight fit in there and it looks all business.

A great as this car looks with natural rusty patina offset by the polished fuel injection tubes and unmistakable Hemi valve covers, this will be a finished, painted car with chrome and polish enough to be a sure hit at any cacklefest.

I’d link to Top Ten’s website, but I can’t find it! I’ll be emailing Frank and Ken to tell’m about this story and beg them for regular updates. We’re close friends now see… I introduced pinup photographer Mitzi from who was there shooting with the lovely pinup model Mimi La Minkz ( and we grabbed a few shots. If I ask Mitzi nicely, maybe I’ll features all of those shots in our pinup picture gallery.

You dig’n this too? Let me know by leaving a comment and be sure to encourage the Top Ten guys to keep feeding us regular updates. Thanks for reading!

(Click on either picture to see this nasty twin blown hemi picture full size!)

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