Cruise’n on Main St. – March 2008


For more information on the November 8th, 2008 Memories on Main Street cruise, go to the Mainstreet Garage.

While most parts of the US are still half frozen, Mesa, Arizona launches the first big cruise of the year (and first minor sunburn). Brought to us as, “POP’s Memories on Main Street” by the Prostate Checkup All Sports Foundation, it was a good time had by all and we had near perfect weather for it.

Cruising between Country Club and Mesa drive with parking on Main Street and in the several nearby city lots, for the $5 per car donation, I think everyone had a place. I was expecting a few more cars, but there was no lack of quality. Main street was lined with lawn chaired folks cheering for the next guy to, “light’m up!” I’m pretty sure Mesa PD did just that cause most burning rubber was followed closely by howling sirens. For the most part though, I think every had a good time enjoying their cars and making new friends. I know I did.

Here are a few of the cars I especially liked. Most of the pics I took are in the picture gallery. CLICK HERE to visit the Main Street Cruise gallery. I’ll be featuring a few of these rides. If anyone sees there car and wants the high resolution image, let us know.

First off is my man Mike’s newly finished (or the first time I’ve seen it) 2 door Comet Wagon. This smooth cruiser is the cousin of the Falcon wagon and rare to find, especially in this condition. I’m a sucker for wagons. Mike’s also got a garage here at I’ll be loading the other pics I took of this wagon soon. Click here to visit Mike’s garage.

(Click on any image to see it full size)

2 door comet wagon custom

Sticking with the wagons theme then, dig this one. I was lucky to meet the owners and hear their touching story. This will definitely be a feature story since it hits so close to home for me. How many people got into hot rodding or car building because of their Pops? Don’t let the badges fool you. This 2 door Chevelle wagon sports a big block and a 5 speed! They’re new members of too! Click here to visit their garage.

Sick Chevelle 2 door wagon

Next up is a SUPER rare Boss 351 Mustang owned by Craig Fackler. He bought this car new in 1971, then sold it and was able to buy it back! Guess what? He’s keeping it now! I’ll be featuring this Mustang too.

1971 Boss Mustang

I see this 1956Buick Special all over town and I love it every time. Ed finally gave in and joined too. I wheeled this baby out into the open to take a few pics for Ed. This car’s smooth from every angle so even “Shakey” here can get a good shot! I’ve got more pics Ed! Click here to visit Ed’s garage.

1956 Buick Special Custom

Last but not least, I want to share a few more pictures of Corporal Foster’s newly redone Camaro. He was out proudly cruising his new ride with Lance Baker from the 1st Generation Camaro club near by. That Viper blue paint they used really pops in the sun. If you didn’t get a chance to read the heart warming story of this car and the soldier it was built for, CLICK HERE to read the story.

Corporal Foster's new Camaro

Obviously, there were more than 5 cars there so here’s some thumbnails of my favorite pics. Remember, all of the pics I took are located in the Gallery. CLICK HERE to see the complete gallery.

Sweet Custom bik1953 Chevy CustomCobra on Main StreetCobras in the sunsetSick Dodge Coupe Hot Rod

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