How Big Are Yours? Custom Wheels at SEMA 2010

Searching for the Biggest Custom Rims At SEMA Show 2010

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Over the past few years the size of rims and wheels has been getting out of hand. Previously, Craig (known here as “pikesan”) and I generally try to avoid the ginormous wheel and tire section of SEMA – this year we dove right in and went scouting for SEMA 2010’s biggest wheel. Here’s what we found…

Big Rims, custom car rim, custom car wheels, SEMA show 2010, sema car show las vegas

Just as we started on our search we ran into this whole wall of rims. Most with a diameter roughly the full length of my arm. Just so ya know – from fingertip to armpit I measure 31 inches.

Big Rims,sema car show las vegas, custom wheels and tires, SEMA 2010

Then in Giovanna Wheel’s large display were these big guys. Seeing all these rims sitting around, one forgets how incredibly expensive they are. One online source I found to purchase Giovanna rims at quoted a price of nearly $10,000 for a set of 26 inch rims. Ten Thousand Dollars!!! Ten. Thousand. Dollars. What else could you do with all that money? Maybe you could customize your Rolls Royce?

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Mini-Me or Mega-Me? Next up we found these classic wire spoke rims. Whether you’re sportin tiny wheels or huge ones for your Lowrider – this company can fill your need!

custom car rims, SEMA Show 2010, SEMA product display

But wait, there’s more. Not only will these tires bend you over backward and steal your wallet – they’ll rub against your side panels every time you turn!

SEMA's Biggest Rim, SEMA Show 2010, custom car rims, custom car wheels

Wow!! I could barely hold in my excitement when I found this one! It must be about 45 inches wide! I was glad to find that this wheel company had a little humor too when it came to the gigantic wheel diameter that today’s Joe Schmoe Auto Consumer is looking for.

Huge isn’t the only thing pikesan and I saw in the Wheel and Tire section of SEMA 2010… UGLY showed up too – check out these pictures!

I think I’ll keep my 15 inch Moonies for now… all that extra cash will be pocketed for my hot rod engine. What do you think? Are these huge rims all about hype?