December Pinup of the Month – Mimi La Minkz

Hot Rod Pinup Mimi La Minkz

Pin Up Girl Mimi La Minkz, Pin Up Model Mimi La Minkz, Mimi La Minkz with 59 Chevy Apache

This little Latina might be a petite Pin Up, but don’t let that fool you! Her size may be small but her curves are just the right size. Mimi La Minkz busted into the scene a few years ago and has already made her rounds in the Pin Up and retro model scene. Just look at these amazing photos captured by none other than the talented Mitzi Valenzuela.

Pin Up Mimi La Minkz with 59 Chevy Apache, Mimi La Minkz Pin Up Model, Pin-Up girl Mimi La Minkz with Chevy, Pinup Model, Hot Rod Model

For those of you lucky enough to make it out to the Ink and Iron car show this past Summer, you might remember this spicy gal placing second in the Pin Up contest after Gia Genevieve. Well, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Mimi at some car shows in 2011, so keep your eyes peeled for her in (or on) a custom ride near you! Read more about her in my interview with Mimi below.  She’s also posting next to this Crazy Nitro-Cacklefest 31 Coupe here.
Pinup Girl Mimi La Minkz, Pin-up girl, Pinup Model, Hot Rod Model, Mimi La Minkz Pin Up with 59 Chevy, Tattooed Pin-upPin Up Model Mimi La Minkz, Pin-up model, Hot Rod Model, Pinup girl Mimi La Minkz, 59 Chevy
First off, I think you’re a hot little package that packs a big wallop. What first attracted you to Pinup Modeling?

I was and still am mesmerized by the confidant sultry sassy women of the 40’s and 50’s… I feel that women then knew what sexy was they knew how to own their body and embrace it… no matter what size they were.

Mimi La Minkz modeling with 59 Chevy Apache, pin-up girl, hot rod model, tattooed pin up model, mimi La Minkz pin up girl

What feelings overcome your body when you’re draped all over a hot rod or classic car?

I LOVE cars that’s another reason I love what I do, because I am constantly surrounded by these beautiful, bad ass rides… The type of car that really gets my gears goin is Rat Rods… I love a nice 38 Chevy truck all hacked up and rusted out… Exposed nickel bead welds and lots of character… that’s the type of car that makes me want to drape my body all over it!

Latina Pin Up Girl Mimi La Minkz, pin-up girl, tattooed pin up girl, pinup model, hot rod model, Mimi La Minkz
I’m glad that we’re starting to see a lot of different cultures in the PINUP WORLD. How does it feel for you to be representing the Latin community in what is considered a mainstream Caucasian culture?

I love it, I am proud of what I do and what I represent!! I am so glad I can represent Latin woman in the pin up culture, Because my inspirations have been my grandmothers who were strong minded strong willed Latin woman who were always dressed to the nine’s. I remember watching my grandma make hand made tortillas with pin curls in her hair and heels on her feet… and she never left the house with out her Ruby Red lipstick! Mimi La Minkz with 59 Chevy, pin-up girl, pinup model, tattooed pin up girl, hot rod model, pinup mimi la Minkz

Being the hot mamacita that you are, what’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever done in or around a car?

Yikes… that’s a little too X Rated for this web site… I’ll just leave this one to your imaginations! If you can dream it, I’ve probably done it… hehehe

Congrats again on taking 2nd place at this year’s Ink & Iron Pinup Contest. What was it like? Were you nervous?

Yes I was so extremely nervous !! It was the 3rd contest I had been in since I started modeling and one of my biggest personal goals… the first time I went to Ink & Iron was in 2006 when I was pregnant with my son, when I watched the pin up contest I thought to my self I want to be up there! I can do this!!!  I was so thrilled to be up there with some amazing women… It was defiantly a highlight of 2010 for me. Ink & Iron is my favorite event of the year, it’s the perfect combo for a girl like me… Tattoos, Rat Rods, and great bands!!Mimi La Minkz in 59 Chevy Apache, pin-up girl, pinup model, hot rod model, tattooed pin up girl, Mimi La minkz hot rod pin up girl with tattoos

Last one is a two part-er, give us the classic car of your dreams. Year, make, model.? And do you find guys with rides to be irresistible?

My dream car would have to be a 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville with a big-block Chevy V8 engine, backed by a beefed-up Turbo 400 transmission. – actually my dream car belongs to Mario and Catriona Colalillo , they brought there Wild Cad to this year’s show case of customs and that’s where I first laid eyes on my dream car… my entire life I thought it would only be a dream in my lil head until I laid eyes on the Wild Cad!
-And yes any guy who catches my eye defiantly has to have a nice ride… that’s how my man caught my attention… his 71 caddy is what caught me hook line and sinker!

Well Mimi, thanks for chatting with us here at MRIM, we will continue to admire your work and we wish you the best of luck with your modeling career.

Guys and Dolls, please check back regularly here on for more great Pin Up and Hot Rod content. As always we welcome your comments and feedback. We have a very special interview coming soon, with Doris Mayday, who is featured in Mitzi Valenzuelas 2011 calendar.

The Chevy truck featured in these photos, is a 59 Chevy Apache, owned by Frankie. The work on it has been done by Bill Richman at RRC Fabrication and Speed in Upland Ca.