Dino’s Chevy Truck ‘Git Down

Dino’s Chevy Truck Show to be bigger than Goodguys?

Chevy Trucks, Custom c10 trucks


How many “Pre-shows” or warm-ups get their own show poster? And one done by ProblemChildKustoms.com no doubt? How should I know?!


I do know that Dino Battilana and his Chevy truck buddies, including new friends from http://67-72chevytrucks.com put on a show before Goodguys that brings in some great looking trucks and cars too. I even sneak my Ford powered roadster in there sometimes to hang with the “Chevy Only” crowd. To see what makes Dino tick… dig his Dropped Custom Chevy C10 Dually.

So just a few pictures to share…

custom Chevy C10, custom c10 on airbags, custom chevy trucks

This is Dino’s latest finished build… As I said about Dino’s last Dually (he sold it already)… He’s got a knack for building trucks just enough to make them unique and highly desireable. Why steel wheels and caps? Minimal chrome? Simple, but ultra clean small block Chevy under the hood? Maybe because you’ve never seen a truck like that laying frame? Or ever? Dino’s the master custom Chevy C10 builder! (more pics of this truck down below!)


Here’s what’s up next!

custom Chevy C10, custom c10 on airbags, custom chevy trucks


Another 60’s C10… another dually and to stay true to the plan… a custom rendering by Brian at Problem Child Kustoms. It’s a roller now… getting body and paint finished. I’ll shoot it as soon as I can!


Just one more shot… Sam’s “Poncho” pickup. I got all artsy for ya!

poncho pickup, custom chevy trucks


Below are a few more shots… Dino making peace with Phoenix’s finest and a couple trucks that stood out at the show. What are you doing next year before Goodguys?