Drifting + Pro-Touring = RTR-X (aka The Game Changer)

This is a Mustang for all car enthusiasts, old hot rodders and young tuners alike…its the “Game Changer!”

If you like American Muscle, you’ll dig the Dynacorn ’69 Mustang fastback shell, Art Morrison custom front subframe,  individual throttle body/injected 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L 32Valve engine with 6 speed trans and Pro-Touring style.  If you like Drifting Imports, you’ll dig the slammed stance, 50-60 degree steering angle, 7000 redline, aggressive Japanese wheels sized 18×10 front and 18×12 rear with 7″ lips and Street Drift style!

Meet the ’69 Mustang “RTR-X”!  The coolest project car of 2010, due to intro at the 2010 SEMA show in Vegas later this year.

This is the answer to my “Pro-Touring + Hellaflush” Dreams!  Remember this post I did last year?

1969 Ford Mustang, Fastback, RTR-X, Vaughn Gittin Fr

The creative mind behind this Street/Drift Mustang is Sir Vaughn Gittin Jr (ok, I added the Sir), Formula Drift points leader and “RTR” Mustang brand owner.  But you’ll also notice the “Team Need For Speed” logo in the bottom right.  This is a collabo between Vaughn, Speedhunters.com and the Need For Speed brand.  Andy Blackmore of the Speedhunters.com/Need For Speed family has helped Vaughn put his Inspired Ideas on paper (or computer screen). 

RTR is Gittin’s new brand of Mustang, I think it stands for “Ready to Rock!”.  He has 2 models so far, the RTR and the limited RTR-C.  The RTR is based on the 2010 Mustang GT and receives suspension mods, wheels/tires/brakes, and aggressive body mods with a unique paint scheme.  The RTR-C is a super limited edition (I hear only 10 will be made this year) Carbon bodied version going for a cool $135k! 

This Mustang that I’m stoked on has been named “RTR-X”, X for Extreme I presume. 

 RTR-X, 69 Mustang, Dynacorn, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Drifting, Need for speed
I love this angle.  Injection horns protruding, fender flrares bulging, wheels flush and super wide.  It has huge visual impact and stance!  Perfection, if ever I saw it in vehicular form.

So what were those inspired ideas?  Hear Vaughn in his own words: 

“The vision was pretty simple: build a badass ‘69 Ford Mustang that was aggressive, slammed, functional, unique, and would perform on both the track for drift and the street as a daily-driver. Oh yeah… and had the potential to put some decent times down on a road course. Easier said then done. Especially the “unique” part, as people have been adding their own personal flair to classic Mustangs for a very long time.”

Team Need For Speed, Mustang Fastback, 1969 Mustang, RTR-X, Vaughn Gittin Jr
Dig the LED tails and extra tall duckbill spoiler with green pinstripe and tucked rear bumper.

The green highlights are pureVaughn Gittin style.  Check out the green accents on his Formula D drift Mustang below.

Vaughn Gittin Jr, 2011 Mustang, FD Round 1 Long Beach, RTR

 Vaughn’s Falken/Monster Energy sponsored 2011 Mustang.

Team Need For Speed, SEMA Mustang, RTR-X, Andy Blackmore design, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Drifting, street drift Mustang

 Dig this amazing interior!  Again, this is new technology with Drifter flare and American Muscle all at the same time.  PERFECT!!!

Vaughn Gittin Jr at Wall Speedway with a fan
This picture sums up Vaughn Gittin Jr.  Super cool to all people, even little kids interrupting an interview and always stoked!  When I think of Vaughn I think of him screaming at the top of his lungs, usually on the roof of a Mustang.  LOL 

I think this car will set a new standard.  That is Vaughn’s goal and I think he’ll achieve it.  I hope it inspires other Pro-Touring and Drift car builders. 

So, I wanna know what you guys think of this car.  Is this car a “Game Changer?”  If Vaughn can build it like these renderings, it will be a Game Changer for me.  Let us know and do yourself a favor and follow the build over at Speedhunters.com.


Check out the first debut photo from SEMA 2010

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