Dual Clutch Transmission: New from TREMEC

By Ben Mozart
Photos by Moore Good Ink

Ever heard of a “dual clutch”? My experience with dual clutch systems is in Audi. Their DSG system makes your automatic feel like a manual, somewhat, with the goal of achieving faster shifts and a better feel. It also eliminates the torque converter. So when I read that Tremec made a dual clutch system, I had to know more… Here’s a bit more info. Keep your fingers crossed this will appear in a hot rod Mustang near you!

two transmission inputs, Tremec clutch, dual transmission clutch

FOR ROAD-GOING CARS THE DUAL CLUTCH IS THE APPARATUS OF THE FUTURE. Equipped with two input shafts (one inside the other), torque interruptions are imperceptible during gear shifting. In fact its gear-shifting technology is so rapid the “head-bob” is eliminated.

With half the gears on one main shaft and half on the other and a cluster between them, the dual clutch brings the two transmissions together. Odd number gears reside on one shaft, even number gears on the other. When shifting from one gear to the next the second gear is already pre-selected and the dual clutch operates in 200 milliseconds.

transmission, valve body,

The valve body, pictured at the right of the clutch, contains a series of valves that control the fluid that assists in the gear shifting actuation and the clutch release.

For racing cars, TREMEC is introducing their new Magnum XL to the heart of competition at the Detroit Grand Prix, June 1-2, 2013. Originally designed for the S197 Mustang, the Magnum XL features an extra long extension to ensure precise shifting and extend the shift lever back to a more convenient location.

In addition the transmission eliminates the OEM two-piece driveshaft. A one-piece aluminum replacement is provided that reduces the rotating mass by more than 20lbs. Moreover an SFI-approved burst-proof bell housing is supplied with the kit.

S197 Mustang, Magnum XL, long extension transmission

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