Family fun at a local car show…real 60’s Gasser included

Cruise Night: Utah Cruisin Car Show

Taking the wife and kids to a local car show is one of my highlights of the summer.  We like to check out the Burger Stop Cruise In that happens the last Wednesday of each month in the summer time.  It’s a small show by most standards, probably about 50-75 cars from the local area.  It’s cool because its not all Mustangs and Camaros, there is a little bit of everything.  Variety is the spice of life is it not?

Burger Stop, Model A Coupe, lakes modified, louvered decklid, hot rod

I’ve seen this orange/red Model A coupe at this show before.  It also sports tons of Bonneville Salt Flats decals, so I know it gets run hard at the Flats.  Last year he came to the show with the Salt still stuck to the car.

Burger Stop car show, model A, hot rods, Bonneville Speedweek, white walls

Here’s the Model A coupe next to a pickup brother, both in a more traditional flavor.  Love the white walls and steelies with the white firewall.  Good lookin’!

Burger Stop car show, GTO convertible, muscle car, hot rods

While the kids were waiting in line for some Clown-made circus balloons, I found a light blue convertible GTO looking showroom stock with some Cragars.  Dig the chrome everywhere.

Burger Stop car show, Zipper hotrods, sbc, street rod

I spotted this street rod roadster.  The trailer next to it said “Zipper Hot Rods” or something like that.  Sounded sort of familiar.  I dug this car.  It had a cool track nose flip up hood, chromed up late model LS small block chevy motor and vintage WWII style windscreen.  What do you guys think?

Burger Stop car show, injected Hemi, Mopar, Gasser

One of the coolest rides was this ’65 Mopar Gasser with an injected Hemi.  Very clean ride, with Moon tank protruding out of the grille and all.

Mopar, Gasser, fuel injected Hemi, hot rod, gasser wars

Close up of the tall stacks atop this sharp lookin’ Hemi.  According to the book on the radiator, it makes 600+ horsepower.  Wow!  I wish I could have heard it fire up, but the kiddies were ready to roll out.

"The California Flash", Mopar, Gasser, hot rod, drag racing

So, look above, this picture shows the signature of a Butch Leal, “The California Flash”. Anyone heard of this guy?  There were 2 pictures in the guys book from way back in the 60’s, looks like it was the same car.  Very cool to see this car on the road cruising to the local car shows.  I’m sure my Uncle Ricky has some stories from the “Pit” dragstrip about the “Flash”.  Comment below Ricky!

What are your local car shows like?  Do you see some good variety?  Let us know, email me at moc.emsiedirymnull@deepsthceh and we can showcase some coverage of your local car shows.


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