Father and Son Hot Rod Team

Hot rods, la roadster show, vintage, nostalgia

Ray and Rory Forbes, this father and son team, came all the way from Reno, Nevada to enjoy the 2007 LA Roadster show. Believe it or not, these guys didn’t get to join the official show because they don’t have shinny paint. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Check out this awesome pair of traditional rods!

Dad’s got style!

Hot rods, la roadster show, vintage, nostalgia

This is Ray’s 1934 Ford. Construction began in the 40’s with a top chop suitable for Bonneville, but the project stalled when the men building the car were drafted. After that, the car got passed around until 2 years ago when Ray bought it from a guy who had stored the car for 30+ years, untouched due to health reasons. It was a full build done entirely in the Forbes’ garage on weekends by Father and son. The 34 has an early 60’s 401 Buick Nailhead donated by a friend who was an early 50’s Bonneville racer that ran a 34 Coupe way back when (hence his # on the door, plus the original timing tag!) Inside, it has super rare P-51 stainless seats, custom pedals, an engine turned dash filled with vintage S&W gauges, Schroeder steering and out back a quickchange rear end. To cap it all off almost every nut was safety-wired right down to the taillight mount!

Just add salt.

High School Dream car?!

Hot rods, la roadster show, vintage, nostalgia

Can you imagine driving this car in high school? Rory did and it’s the first car he built! This Model A coupe has a generous 6″chop and is covered in louvers. When I asked how many, Rory just said, “A ton!” I especially like the late 30’s CASE tractor grill and period looking engine with finned scoops and matching valve covers. Inside, there’s original Weber Aircraft bomber seats still wearing the original paint with vintage aircraft lap belts. Like dad, black steel wheels with caps roll on bias-ply tires.

This is the kind of story you’ll find at MyRideisMe.com. I hope you’ll check it out!