Feature Rides Coming Soon

I’ll be doing several feature stories about the cars I liked at the show. I expect you won’t like all of them. Isn’t that what makes MyRideisMe? Otherwise, we’d use the name ThatOtherGuysRideAintMeAtAll.com.biz.tv.net.org. (we would have, but that domain’s already taken!) Here’s what’s in store:

The Dragon Wagon owned by Mark Greenwell of Phoenix, AZ


Kissing Cousin (to my car!) owned by Joe Clifford of Scottsdale, AZ


The Hand-Me-Down 65 Dodge D200 owned by Mike & Luz Wilson of Phoenix, AZ


The Cool Gold 38 Chrysler owned by Mike Flynn of Lake Havasu, AZ


Swede with a Need for Speed – Tucson, AZ’s Seaholm family rides and service with bonus info about Hi Speed the hot rod shop that’s been helping the Seaholm family.

img_5206.jpg img_5614.jpg

Hank’s Killer Anglia (Who knows Hank? or his wife’s Willy’s truck?)


My Pops freshly built T-bucket (You did great dad! You’re my inspiration!)


Mr. Freeze, Rob Zollar’s “Up All Night” 40 Ford Pickup


Then, if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be breaking the story on this car and what’s happening at Squeeg’s Custom in Mesa, AZ. First time out, this amazing car fittingly won an award.


Which one should I do first? Good thing I’m on vacation!