Finally Assembled! Pinto baby!

I’m not sure when I started working on this project, but it was at least 4 years ago. I wanted to build a trick intake setup for my Pinto Powered Roadster called Bonnie. Bonnie’s always turned heads, even parked next to MUCH higher dollar rods. I have to admit that I like that. The intake design is from a tech article I read from the Inglese website. It explains why individual runner intakes and weber carbs are the hot setup.

Now, with the new intake finally on, I’m gonna get more people asking, “What engine is that?”

So here’s where I left off… the last thing to do was weld the flange that would hold the throttle cable:


My Friend Aaron welded everything up for me. It came out nice, then I took it to the sand blast cabinet. After, it looked like cast aluminum, but it weighs less than 3 lbs. These are the before and after blasting shots.

Before blastingAfter blasting

Then finally, here’s what it looks like all mounted up. I can’t wait to spend hours trying to tune this thing!

My Ride is Me!!

before mouting carbsReady to roll!from the side

But, I’m gonna wait to fire it up cause I’m also putting a new header on! This thing is gonna be nasty!

Nasty Header

If you have a build you want to show on the front page, get in touch with us! Pikesan or Napalm. We’d be happy to feature your ride! Get building!