German Street Rod Association Car Show

Car Show Pictures from Germany:

I’ve got the latest scoop from our German Hot Rod informant, Pascal.  The German Street Rod Association (GSRA) is the only German club for street rod owners, which is now up to 300 members and was founded in 1993.  They have a website you can check out, but its all in German.  Now, on to the sharp photos by Pascal and the rad hot rods from Germany.

5 window coupe, hot rod, German Street Rod Association, model A, Cragars

It’s cool how 20’s and 30’s traditional hot rods can transcend time in any part of the world, as we’ve seen from Tano’s ’26 T Roadster with Olds V8 power to these rods in Germany.

Hot Rod, Dodge pickup truck, German Street Rod Association, car show, shop truck, speed shop,

One of the traditional type rods that can be found worldwide is the Speed Shop truck.  I wonder if hot rodders from the 40’s and 50’s knew that their work trucks would be turned into street rods?  It makes sense though, I mean, you can hop up the big V8’s they came with, you can slam them, put some chrome reverse wheels on ’em with baby moon caps and white walls, add the name of your speed shop and logo on the door and boom, you’re set with a very useful and fun hot rod.

5 window coupe, rat rod, German Street Rod Association, car show, model a rat rod, white walls, lakes modified

Another style of hot rod building, the rat rod, seems to be one of the natural progressions in the rodding car culture.  This one looks right at home on the ground with some black steelies, white walls, weather paint and chopped top.  Good lookin’!

Ford, traditional hot rod, deuce roadster, white walls, wire wheels

This is a slick lookin’ deuce roadster.  It’s got what looks like a GNRS quality paintjob and rad set of yellow wires.  That spaghetti header coming out of the louverless hood is the first thing that caught my eye though.  Is that 5 or 6 tubes?  Hard to tell isn’t it?  Either way, its gotta be a ridiculous motor setup.

German National Street Rod Association, car show, Model A, deuce coupe, 33 ford

I love this group shot, very nice photo Pascal!  This shot shows off Fords late 20’s, early 30’s hot rod Monopoly doesn’t it?  Let’s see, we’ve got a pickup, a roadster, a 33/34 5 window, sedan and a 32 deuce coupe a la American Graffiti… classic!

German National Street Rod Association, hot rods, street rods, deuce coupe, model A, ford roadster

This photo here I think is my favorite.  Awesome group shot of about 34 (if I counted correctly) hot rods, probably the finest you’ll see in all of Europe.  Gotta give it to the German rodders, these cars look amazing, all of them top notch!

Thank you again Pascal for sharing your photography with us at  I can’t wait to see what you share next.

If you want more of these German Street Rod Association rides, check out Pascal’s photobucket link below for more.

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