Heatin’ Up at Mooneyes Summer Show

Mooneyes Summer Show and Drag 2010 irwindale speedway racing

Today the sun was shining and the heat was on at Irwindale Speedway for Mooneyes Summer Show and Drag 2010! I really like this show because its got variety. Sunday’s show not only had a good turnout of cars but there was also drag racing!

mooneyes.summer.2010.irwindale.carshow05, nostalgic drag racing

While its always cool to see to see any cars drag race, I only wish that more of the “normal” cars would’ve rumbled their way to the 1/8 mile dragstrip. Wouldn’t it have been great if these two works of art sacrificed some rubber on the track!?!

Creative Rat Rod at Mooneyes Summer Show 2010 irwindale car showCustom Ratrod Mash-up At Mooneyes Summer Show 2010 irwindale car show

The heat got turned up a little more when pinups Shelby Loveland and Lisa Luxe rolled on the scene. (Shelby’s been known to turn a wrench or two also!)

Pinups Shelby loveland and Lisa luxe At Mooneyes Summer Show 2010, devil pinups car, irwindale car show

All that heat was cooled off by this sleek custom convertible.

Green Custom Convertible at Mooneyes Summer Show 2010

Smokin’ hot or ice cold, Mooneyes Summer Show 2010 was a good time. Plenty of cars and friends to go around. Speakin’ of going around…my personal favorite part of the day was having to park out in the middle of the race track.

Grease Girl's 1960 Ford Falcon Ready To Race At Irwindale mooneyes summer car show 2010

As I went to leave, I couldn’t resist taking a lap. My 1960 Ford Falcon is only a six cylinder, but a girl can always dream! Would Mooncaps make Falcon go faster??? Hmmm…

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