Hot Rod Art at Gasoline Gallery’s Saturday night rolling down Main Street in El Segundo, a cute little Maybury-esque town in Los Angeles County. All of the sudden the street is lined with hot rods and some bobber-styled bikes. Cool cats pour out of a store front holding cans of Pabst beer in their hands. Have I landed in heaven?!

Not just yet. It just the New Year’s Nuisance 2 art show & party at Gasoline Gallery. This gallery has been growing into its own little epicenter of kustom kulture over the past couple years. Specializing in low-brow art and artist-featured t-shirts (and most recently a record label all their own,) Gasoline Gallery throws these great shin-digs every couple months when their gallery-show changes.

I’ve been to a few of these now and am pleased to report this show was just as high quality and fun as the others – with artist, 3 sheets, taking the spotlight. That’s enough of my blabbering, let me just show you the pictures! For more info on any of the work or artists shown, contact Gasoline Gallery or look em up on MySpace.

I didn’t realize at first this painting’s on the wrinkled door of a Highway Patrol car! Entitled Gas, Grass, or Ass by Big Toe.

These four pinstriping pieces done on painted metal show of the striping skills of 3 Sheets.

“Social Outkast” Frankenstein by artist duo Johnny Ace & Kali – who studied under the Big Man Ed Roth himself. On the wall, you can see the variety of stuff present – from sculpture to photography to pen & ink to painting.

This piece just pops out at you and makes you giggle too – “Oral Hygiene” by Dave Burke.

Another wall of work – including Max Grundy and very cool photo boxes done by Jay Mason of Chrome and Light Photography (he uses vintage equipment!)

Our friend Dwayne Vance’s piece stood out. I wish my photograph would’ve captured it a little better…but I don’t think that car wants to be captured!

Three fun little bits by 3 sheets.

A classic hot rod painted on an old car magazine page by James Owens next to an amazingly intricate ink & paper by Krazy Dotty made entirely out of small dots.

3 sheets again.

This sculpture was one of my favorite pieces, done by artist Odd Rodney. I wish I could’ve taken it home! The whole evening had me feeling a little artistic myself – so when I stopped for gas on my way home I couldn’t help but notice the cool lighting provided at the gas station!

Cheer’s to art! Whether it’s being hammered out in your own garage or hung on the wall over at Gasoline Gallery…happy trails to you!