Hot Rod Photographer Jean-Marie Michalski

I met Jean Marie at the Grand National Roadster Show in January 2009. His card had a stunning photo on it and it said he does pinup photography, so we started chatting. See all the photos he shared with in his Hot Rod Photo Gallery

43 year old Jean-Marie Michalski grew up in a town called Perwez in Belgium, as the single child of Jean Michalski, a now famous artist & painter. His father Jean Michalski was born in Belgium in 1936.

At 12 years old, Jean and his friends attempted to climb up an electricity pole to better see a soccer game. Jean lost his balance, fell off the pole and was electrocuted with 12,000 volts. The injury and subsequent complications led to the amputation of both arms. After the accident, Jean was placed in a rehabilitative institution for three years, where he learned to write with his mouth.

When Jean was 16 years old, the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) contacted his mother, and Founder Erich Stegmann visited the family’s home to recruit Jean as a student artist. The Association assisted with tuition for six years of art school at the Royal Academy of Beauty of Arts in Belgium, where Jean was the only disabled student. He became a full member artist of MFPA after six years, at which time the Mayor of Brussels honored him for his achievements. Jean and his son Jean-Marie came to the United States in 1981, where Jean met and married his wife Nancy. Jean and Nancy now reside in St. George, Utah. And his son Jean-Marie resides in San Marcos, Ca.

Hot Rod Art of a custom lead sledEver since Jean-Marie Michalski was a child, he was surrounded by art due to his father situation. At 10 years old, he won a month long trip around the world, for taking care of his “at the time” single father. When he got home from his month long trip his father asked to see the photos from his trip. Jean-Marie responded, “I didn’t take any.” Regretting not taking photos Jean-Marie started taking pictures all the time, at first with a KODAK110 camera. Then a good friend of his dad how was a photographer and ran a photography Studio and a club in their town Perwez, Belgium showed Jean-Marie the basics of photography and showed him how to develop film in a dark room. Now Jean-Marie seems to always have a camera in his hand, sometimes driving his family a little crazy.

Jean-Marie also has always loved Cars. When he lived in Belgium, his house was next to the only garage in town. They sold new cars and fixed old ones and had a junk yard in the back. He used to sneak in and play in the old cars and help the mechanics that worked there.

Hot Rod Photographer Jean-Marie's workFor years people have complimented his unique style and his talent to catch those special moments with an artistic flare. You may have seen his work in Ghetto Choppers Customs, Old Cruiser Magazine or the flier for Bo Huff and many Local Bands. He’s now moved on to shooting weddings, Fashion Models and his new passion Pin-up Models with or without cars.

Jean-Marie aka Belgium moved from Belgium and has lived in North San Diego County since May 1, 1981. Now married with a lovely wife and 2 daughters, he’s started a business called Belgium Lion Photography about 3 years ago selling his art at street fairs, car show, and online gallery.

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