Huntington Beach Hot Rod Hottie – Pinup Dinah DeRosa

Hot Rod Pinup Dinah Derosa

This week’s smokin’  hot pinup, is none other than Dinah Derosa. Dinah is featured below in photos brought to you by Pin Up Photographer extraordinaire Mitzi Valenzuela of Mitzi&Co. Dinah is a lady who knows what she wants and I’d put my money on the fact that she knows how she’s gonna get it! Her devilish, sexy smirk may get you, or maybe it’s her gorgeous aqua colored eyes? Whatever the case, be sure to check out her photos, and also read her interview with me- if you can take your eyes off of her long enough…

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So first off, are you taken or lookin’ for love?

I am happily taken.

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What about a man is a major turn on for you? Turn offs?

The biggest turn on to me is someone who basically has their act together.  When a man is full of drive and grabs life by the horns, it makes for a lot of excitement.  I also like when a guy takes good care of himself, he’s gotta have hobbies, and no prissy boys!  Intellect is a HUGE turn on.

As for turn off’s, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.  I can’t stand the guy who always has something to prove and gets so worked up over minor stuff, just brush it off… Life is too short!  Laziness is also a definite turn off, get up and accomplish something.

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Sometimes the pin-up/rockabilly world can be a wild and crazy scene. What’s your potion of choice when partying, or do you steer clear of that world?

I can’t stand just sitting at home, I definitely get stir-crazy.  I have a few potions of choice when going out; either Makers Mark & Coke or a Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai are my favorites.

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What is the most bad-ass thing you’ve ever done?

Not so sure this qualifies as “bad-ass”, but it was definitely an awesome time in my life. I got to be a part of a pit crew for a dirt track dwarf car team who raced at the Antioch Speedway in Northern California.  I LOVE racing, it was great to be more than a spectator, I learned a lot.

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Which classic car would be the best fit for your personality? Why?

I grew up a country girl, so I have a soft spot in my heart for trucks and wagons; Buick wagons are gorgeous!  I’m more drawn to a classy, traditional paint job; certain cars just shouldn’t be too flashy.  I am rather picky when it comes to wheels.

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Who are you exactly when you aren’t in front of the camera?

I like to think of myself as a down to earth gal, who enjoys makin’ memories with close friends and family… I love hangin’ out with my puppy Astro, and listening to good music on the ‘ol Hi-Fi.

Want more of Dinah? Check her out on Facebook or Pinup Lifestyle.

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