Doris Mayday – Pinup Calendar Girl and Sex Therapist?

Hot Rod Pinup Ms. Doris Mayday

Pinup Girl Doris Mayday, Sexy Pin-Up, Pin Up Model, Hotrod Pinup

Doris Mayday, a name well known in the Pinup Up community, has been considered a modern day Marilyn Monroe. Platinum blonde hair, ruby red lips, curves that kill, are just a few traits of this blonde bombshell hailing from Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

With a resume longer than some pin ups will ever have, Doris is super accomplished at the age of just 21, and it’s no wonder why… one look at her and you’ll know why she is at the top of every one’s favorite pin up list.

Doris is a beauty and has the brains to back up those gorgeous looks. Not just a model, Doris loves to style her own shoots from floor to ceiling and spends a lot of her time scouring antique shops for priceless memorabilia of days gone by to use in her shoots.

Doris is one of a kind, in a world full of Brunette Bettie’s, this blonde siren stands out. Check her out in Mitzi&Co’s 2011 Pin Up Calendar. Pick yours up on Mitzi&Co’s site before they are all gone.

I could ramble on all day and night about this smokin’ Pin Up, but I recently had the chance to ask her a few questions. Check them out below amongst the many awesome photos from Pin Up Photographer Mitzi Valenzuela.

Sexy Pinup Girl Doris Mayday with Custom Ride, Sexy Pin-Up, Pin Up Model, Hotrod Pinup

Pinup Stats:

Hometown : Las Vegas
Age: 21
Measurements : 36D-27-39
Favorite Car :  The  Tucker ’48
Favorite Bands : Reckless Ones and The Delta Bombers

Hotrod Pin Up Girl Doris Mayday, sexy pin-up girl, pin up model, hotrod pinup

Q. When you attend car shows, like the car show at Viva Las Vegas for example, you must have tons of fans who would like you to take photos with their rides. What is it about a ride that gets Doris Mayday posing next to it?

A.You just gotta ask!! All it takes is a friendly introduction, and I’d gladly snap a picture with their pride and joy. I grew up with my father restoring old cars, so I have a real love for cars. He had everything from Chevy Trucks, vintage Vettes, Lincoln’s,  motorcycles, Chargers, it was like being raised in a car museum.

Doris Mayday Garage Girl Pinup, sexy pin-up girl, pin up model, hotrod pinup

Q. In another interview you talked about how modeling was not your first choice, but luckily for us you followed that path. Can you tell us why you were leaning towards being a ‘Sex Therapist’ before you were a model?

A. Way to put me on the spot! Well, I’ve always been a problem solver and enjoyed talking with people to help in any way I can, so therapy seemed like an obvious career. And then with the ‘Sex’ part… Sex is who we are, what we crave, what we need, how we’re made. There is so many facets to it and it will NEVER get old. I really wanted to get into the Fetish side of it to see what really makes me people lust. But also be there for people to vent, talk to, and work out their issues or questions. You know, just boring book stuff ;)

Classic Pin Up Girl Doris Mayday, sexy pin up girl, pin-up model, hotrod pinup

Q.It’s not hard to see that you have a very curvaceous, sexy form to your body. Your look is so classic and feminine. What do you do to keep that fantastic hourglass figure in shape?

A. Well I can thank my lovely mother for my Italian hips and busty form- thanks ma! I am in LOVE with waist cinchers and corsets, which has helped give me my hourglass shape. They look incredible on and it’s addicting once you see yourself laced up; it’s hard not to wear them!

Doris Mayday Pinup Girl, sexy pin up girl, pin-up model, hotrod pinup

Q. It’s been known that modeling is no easy feat. Getting those killer curves to look just right in photos can be a workout in itself. After a long shoot, what do you do to unwind and relax?

A. A good meal and an even better beer is the perfect ending to a shoot.

Hot Rod Pin Up Doris Mayday, sexy pin up girl, pin-up model, hotrod pinup

Q. You are very gracious, sweet and confident. Also, a part of me thinks that you can be quite the party animal! You have a great head on your shoulders and work very hard at what you do. How do you find a balance between work and play?

A. I’ve learned to function on no sleep and I have turned into a pinup robot… but seriously, I always put my work first, and my rest second. You only live once and I never want to regret sitting back and watching the grass grow… So I will drive the 4 hours to go to a rockabilly show in Cali knowing I have to drive right back and wake up in two hours to go back to work. All in high heels, too!

Las Vegas Pin Up Girl Doris, sexy pin up girl, pin-up model, hotrod pinup

Well I for one know I can’t wait to see more of Doris. I’m a huge fan of her modeling and her style. Now that I have had the chance to get to know her a little bit better, I can say I think she’s a great person. I’m looking forward to meeting her at Viva Las Vegas in April. Never heard of Viva? Here’s what you’re missing: Ladies of Viva

Doris Mayday in the 2011 Mitzi Valenzuela Calendar, sexy pin up girl, pin-up model, hotrod pinup

Need more? Find Doris at her home page here:

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