Hot Rod Pinup Model Maybelle Lee

Hot Rod Pinup Model Maybelle Lee

Pinup Model, Maybelle Lee, custom car

Straight from Mizi and Co’s Hot Rod Pinup Calendar, introducing Ms. Maybelle Lee shown here as Ms. November. Let’s get to know her a little and see a few more shots from the calendar shoot:

Who is Maybelle Lee?

“She’s a classy, sexy, hot rod pinup! I live off the beaten path a bit, but I like it that way. After spending so much time in the big cities modeling, attending events, and going to car shows, it is truly a breath of fresh air to come home! I’m a neat freak, but rarely on time with a great sense of humor and I LOVE to laugh at a good joke, but am SO bad at telling them! I live for getting all dolled up and stepping in front of the camera, but I also look forward to the days when I can lounge around, get dirty working on my 58 ford, play some football, go snowboarding or mess with my two American Bulldogs.”

Pinup, swimsuit, hot rod, custom

Where’d you get the name Maybelle Lee?
“Those who are close to me call me Lee, and I spent almost my entire life growing up on a street called Maybelle! So, Maybelle Lee was the perfect name because it holds a special meaning to me.”

hot rod pniups, custom cars

What got you interested in pinup?
“When my dad was young, he built and raced hot rods with his brothers so, naturally he raised me working on cars, learning about hot rods, and going to car shows. I didn’t learn about the pin-up aspect of the culture until I was a bit older, and of course, I admired these women! It took me a long time to get up the nerve to step in front of the camera, but I am so glad i did! I find it so fun and invigorating (and its helped me to release my inner kitten!)”
Hot rod, custom cars, pin-up,pinup girls

Who was your first Pinup Photographer?
“Mitzi & Co, She is mainly who I stick with. I’ve worked with other people but I love her to death. She’s helped me to get where I am today.”
pin-up girls, Custom cars, Hot Rods, Swimsuit

Was shooting for the Mitzi & Co 2011 Calendar one of your favorite shoots?
“It was! I had a really good time that day and I had no Idea it was going to be for the calendar. When she told me I was ecstatic!”
hot rod Pin-ups,garage girls, swimsuit

Why do you think there’s a big sex appeal with pinups?
“For many of us pin-ups, we like to leave a bit to the imagination, which secretly all guys like better! There are so many genres of modeling where you can be raunchy, naughty, nasty and naked, so if guys are looking for that type of girl, they” find it! Us Retro 40’s, 50’s pi- ups represent a different sex appeal: we’re sexy but classy, and even a bit innocent ;-) – we represent woman respectfully yet enticingly ;-) and it doesn’t hurt that we model in front of man’s favorite pass time… his CAR!!!!”
swimsuit pinup,custom cars, hot rods

Is there a favorite type a car you have?
“My first old car was a 63 Belair, 2 door hard top. Oh, how I loved her!!!! So, that car will always have a special place in my heart. Right now I’m working on getting my 58 Ford Custom running, so I gotta say I love that car too!”
Pinup, vintage, auto shop, swimsuit, mitzi

What the difference between the pinup of today to the ones from the 40s & 50s?
“Depends on the girls… with some, there is no difference! But most models have embraced the tattooed and pierced culture to some extent, and that is probably the main difference.
hot rod Pinup,classic pinup, vintage pinup
Where do you see pinups in 10 years?
“I see it blowing up. Its been getting crazy. Lots of famous musicians like Beyonce & Katie Perry showing their inner pinup, its really going to take off.”

Describe your idea guy?
“First of all, he has to be a greasy man, aka, a REAL MAN, who doesn’t wear eyeliner or take longer getting ready than me! He has to know how to work on cars and fix things for little’ole me, and I love a man with a great build! You know, someone who can pick me up without making me feel heavy and someone who can open that pickle jar for me! Tattoos are a bonus of course!!!”

-Thanks Maybelle!

Haven’t had enough of this sweetheart?  Find Maybelle at her Facebook page here:

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