Hot Rod Ramblings: Ford Falcon is “Car of the Week”

After doing the Volk ’29 Roadster story last week, I was way into traditional hot rods.  But, knowing that my daily driver/hot rod needs to be more practical, have a heater and a back seat, 1960’s rods make more sense.

My parents were up visiting from California and of course, poppi and I talked cars.  He had a 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone for about 15 years or so.  I’ve thought many times I should do a tribute Comet, black just like dad’s, high revving 289 ci or 302 ci and a modern 5 speed.  The problem is, Comet’s are hard to find clean.  Plus, they’re a little bigger  than I typically like.  I’m a small car kind of guy.  The Ford Falcon is the Comet’s baby brotha from another motha.

I was doing my usual daily classifieds browsing on Craigslist and found this 1964 Ford Falcon Futura with a V8 and 4 speed trans, front disc brakes,  and a straight body already being used as a daily driver.

Ford Falcon Mercury Comet compare size performance racingThe 1964-65 Ford Falcon is my latest "Car of the Week"

Typically what I do when I get hooked on a new “Car of the Week” is I go straight to Google Image searches.  My ultimate Falcon build would be a combination of Trans-Am, SCCA, Pro-Touring and Restomod build styles.  These were some of the inspirational cars I found on Google.  Enjoy!

Road race Falcon is inspiration for the Car of the Week

This Falcon has a great road race feel going on.  I love those wheels and the flat cornering.

1964 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint Coupe Vintage found on BringaTrailerRoad Racing Ford Falcon just looks awesome

I really dig the 5 spoke grey Torque Thrust wheels on the left above.  Silver is a good color for the Falcon.

64 or 65 Falcon Ranchero SCCA race car track day

Pikesan found this one and sent me the link.  Thanks buddy!  I think this is the perfect setup for a Falcon road racer.  I really like the mini-fender flares.  The radiused rear fender is just what the small rear wheel well needs to fit these 16×10 wide PS Engineering wheels on a Falcon.  I think it looks great don’t you?  That 2 tone paint is a nice touch too.

1965 Ford Falcon muscle car, restomod

Found this red one on This is a perfect example to start building a track ready Falcon.  It looks clean with the painted front and rear bumpers.

Restomod Falcon 17" wheels hot rod nice car

I’ll finish up with this resto-mod Falcon running 17″ wheels.  The Falcon looks good in white I think.  The hardtop coupe Sprint model is a great cruiser.

So, I check Craigslist (Utah, Phoenix, LA, Vegas),,  What else do you guys use for finding your project cars?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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