Hot Rods ain’t Strange at the 2010 Strangers Car Show

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car show, hot rods, custom cars, norcal

As the Doors front man Jim Morrison once put it ” People are strange when you’re a stranger.” Hmmm, lets take a good look at that. “People are strange when you’re a stranger.” Does that mean you are strange if you like insane pinstriping and you’re passionate about hot rods? Is that really a bad thing?

Well I know a couple of strangers that would disagree with “people are strange when you’re a stranger.”  That would be the guys from Strangers Car Club that put on one of the biggest and most anticipated shows in the South Bay every year.  The Strangers CC Car Show & BBQ at History Park in San Jose, Ca.

car show, hot rods, custom cars, norcal

This being the 11th annual show there was some rumors going around that this might be the last one. But no worries that little diddy was squashed quick. This years show seemed to be double in size of last years and always brings out the who’s who in the hot rod scene as well as the big names around the bay. Names like builders Alex Gambino and Scotty Chops, pin-up photographer Mitzi Valenzuela, and Old school photographer Jay “Catfish” Mason just to name a few.

car show, hot rods, custom cars, norcal, coupe

As usual the setting was perfect. Family friendly, the smell of meats on the ‘Que and a ton of shade to hide from the mid-day heat. Today like any other Strangers show was a visual hodgepodge for eye to see. Customs, bombs, roadsters, classics, rats, trucks and even some old classic Schwinn bikes. Good lord, that alone brought back some memories!

Also when you hit up a Strangers show you better be ready to see some of the baddest pinstriping this side of Southern California. Not only was Rich Luna, Vito Castillo and Mr. Wim boothing it up, but Luna and Wim were tag teaming a Buick Riviera’s trunk that just left me speechless.

car show, hot rods, custom cars, norcal, pinstriping

Then there was the vendors ranging from builders to fashion including an array of vintage clothing booths as well as the Strangers CC booth with some killer show shirts, past and present. Of course at the closing of the show the awards are past out to the best of show and the Strangers famous raffle. The awards were par for the course… amazing.

car show, hot rods, custom cars, norcal, trophy

As another Strangers show comes to a end it leaves me satisfied and wanting more just like when you are eating something so amazing and you know you’re full and about to burst but yet you still want to take another bite. Huh… that’s strange. -N/K

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