How to be a pinup model – 2 secrets revealed!

2010 Pin-up Girl Wall Calendars

Doreen and MyRideisMe’s first attempt at PinupPinup models go with Hot Rods like whipped cream on pumpkin pie. That’s why you’ll find hot rods, muscle cars and even some hot bikes shot with the much finer sex in the pinup photo gallery at It just seemed like the right thing to do! Then, with the popularity of the killer photos of one of my favorite models, Zoe Scarlett done by Photographer: Dirk Behlau and, the most popular blog at about the Hot Rods and Pinups II book shot by David Perry, I start thinking… why don’t I shoot some pinup pictures?

Piece of cake, I’ll let you in on the secrets: 1) Get a hot girl and 2) pose her next to a rad hot rod.

Done. Except for a couple of things… imagine this: Excuse me hot rod owner, I think your wife’s hot. She looks like a pinup model. Can I take some pictures of her? At that point, either you’re feeling the left side of your face caving in or you’ve met Don Simms and you’ll be fine. Don and his buddies from the Throttle Kings are some of the coolest kats you’ll meet at the LA Roadster Show, but that’s a different story (that WILL be told later).Hot rods and pinups at

For secret #2, Don supplied the hot rod too. The guys nearly got it all! When you making a garage at Don?

Enough of that, dig the pics. Not bad for the crappy camera I had to use. (It’s always best when your digital SLR takes a crap at one of the best shows going.)

Thank you Doreen for being my first.

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And let’s tell Doreen what a great job she did!

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