“Internet Barn Find #10”: Burkland’s 400 MPH Streamliner

Bonneville Salt Flats Streamliner

Gene and Tom Burkland designed and built this record holding land speed racerDallas Volk, my Salt Flats insider, sent me this link.  He is good friends with the Burkland family.  I knew I needed to share their website with you all.   This post does come with some sad news, that Gene Burkland has passed away this week.  I mean this post to be in deep respect and a tribute to Gene and his family’s great history at Bonneville.

The Burkland Streamliner is a twin Donovan Chrysler powered, 4 wheel driven racecar that has gone over 400 mph.  Please take a look at their website HERE as it is full of pictures and information, as well as links to other Land Racing websites and stories.  This blazing fast Streamliner was designed and built by Gene and his son Tom Burkland.  If that’s not “My Ride is Me” I don’t know what is…Here’s a quick blurb from the site about the Burkland family:

Slick looking Steamliner was homebuiltGene and Betty Burkland, from Great Falls, Montana (the first SCTA members from that state), have been active in racing, and at Bonneville in particular, for over three decades: their first Bonneville car was a chopped-top, Chrysler-powered ’53 Studebaker Competition Coupe, with which Gene set a record in A/BFCC at 255+ mph in 1978 (this car was recently restored to racing condition and ran at Speed Week in 2000 and 2001).
As soon as he grew old enough, their son Tom joined the team, and promoted the building of their next car, a Datsun-based, Chrysler-powered, ground-effect Competition Coupe, which allowed him to set a AA/BFCC record at 294+mph in 1985.
Around that time came the idea of building a streamliner, which took all of the next ten years to become a reality.
As much as the finished car looks like a fairly sophisticated, high-tech, million-dollar job, it is in fact strictly a family effort: in true hot-rodder tradition, it was home-built using generous supplies of the most precious materials available at no cost: skill, hard work and enthusiasm, plus a little help from their friends!
Then of course, Tom’s experience as an aerospace engineer (he worked on F-16’s) was a key factor in the design of the streamliner…”

Do yourself and favor and browse the site for a few minutes, you’ll be inspired!