Internet Barn Find #8: Japanese Cyber Evo in the Wind Tunnel

Mitsubishi Cyber Evo on the Wind Tunnel

YouTube Preview Image

Ok, one of my dream cars would have to be the Mitsubishi Evolution.  The example in this video, The SunCyber Evo, is going after the 1 lap record at Tsukuba, home of Time Attack!  Why do I share this video with you?  A few reasons, but one is a look at how the Japanese car builders and tuners do it up right.  They are serious techies!

This is a purpose built car, but it does not compete in a race series.  It competes in Time Attack competitions, also called Lap Battles.  Most of these aero, suspension and engine parts can be bought off the shelf.  The Tsukuba track is for Japanese car nuts the top track in the world, right next to the Nurburgring in Germany.  Time Attack has started to catch on in the US and Europe in the last 2-3 years.  But, the Japanese are tops when taking a street car and making it go fast for 1 lap.

Enjoy this video.  A second video can be seen, a part #2, where the car hits the track!  You can get a glimpse into the Japanese tuning world.  You have the serious engineer types and the crazy yellow spiky hairdo of Tarzan Yamada, probably THE top Japanese Time Attack driver.  I love the Japanese car culture.  Remind me to bring you some Japanese vintage car stuff and hot rods.  Yes, they do hot rods too!

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