“Internet Barn Finds” #2: ’33 Willys Gasser Tribute

The Willys Gasser Tribute car with original team January 2008

“The Gasser Tribute Car was built as a tribute to all the drivers, owners and fans that loved these kinds of cars. It is probably one of the last A Gas Supercharged Olds powered Willys coupes left in the country.” Del Wiesner

The Dean Seevers, Del Wiesner and Harold Owens ’33 Willy’s Olds-powered A-Gas Supercharged Gasser original reigned from Loveland, Colorado and ran at dragstrips across the country from 1962-1966. These 3 Loveland High School grads and car nuts started the first car club in town, the “Loveland Zephyrs” and soon after began racing the Willys.

The Willy's Gasser original at Beeline Raceway in 1964One highlight for the 3 friends was holding the American Hot Rod Association National Record in 1964 with a 10.00 seconds at 146.86 mph run. The crew raced some of the top names of the day and were very competitive. Del says after working 40 years with his businesses, he never forgot the impact that car had on him. “Once you get that in your blood, it’s hard to let it go. It was the most exciting time of my life, so I decided to rebuild a part of history.”

Do yourself a favor and check out this Gasser Car Tribute website. I struggled to figure out what pictures to share here. You just need to spend 10 minutes on the site and soak in the history Del shares, along with some 40+ year old pictures of the original Willy’s in action.

The original Seevers, Wiesner and Owens crew in December 1962Original Seevers, Wiesner and Owens crew at B&M Shop del-dean-dave-rich-haroldYou can see from this example that the Nostaligia Gassers had a huge impact on both drag racing and the people who built and raced them. A car like this ’33 Willy’s Gasser is the definition of MyRideisMe.

I love these last two pictures of the crew and a couple close friends who acted as pitcrew. Oh, the good old days! I had to post them up. Car nuts enjoying a friendship that originated from a love of the automobile and racing.

Come and share your “Internet Barn Finds” in the forum. Post up those cool Nostalgia Gassers for all to see. Until next time, happy internet hunting…