Ladies of Viva Las Vegas

hot rod pinup model kim falcon viva las vegas VLVOne of the fun and from what I’ve seen fairly unique parts of the Viva Las Vegas car show is the girls! Some of them professional pinups like the lovely Kim Falcon pictured here, and some of them girls trying to be pinups or just out having a good time!

Whatever the motivation, we like!

As you cruised the show, you’d see these girls done up pinup-like or sometimes just looking hot and when they’d stop at a car, the cameras would come out like crazy and a near mob-scene started as everyone tried to get their own shots. They should just come to, it saves on film! (duh, I know)

So check out Paul Swanson (moc.emsiedirymnull@eenawS) my man and chief photo madman’s new Ladies of Viva gallery. He’s got photos all over the place and a really nice garage filled with his favorite pics. Contact him if you want one of the photos, especially a high resolution or something without the MyRideisMe logo. He’s cool like that.

If we caught you walking around, let us know!