Midnight in the Netherlands

Courtesy of Eddy a.k.a. Midnight

While studying suspension modifications for the CB900F I found a Dutch motorcycle enthusiast on CB100F.net who has completed (and documented) some of the most unique mods I’ve ever seen on these bikes. His user name is Midnight and he started this project at the end of October 2005 like most of us do, finding a reasonable yet leaky and rusty specimen of CB and getting to work. I usually write too much, so I will let his pictures do the talking.

Midnights 900

Within a couple of months he had cleaned up the rusty frame, painted the engine, mounted a 900rr swingarm and wheel with a CBR 600 F2 front wheel.


Around mid-April 2006, about 6 months after starting, his bike looked like this!


Aside from a couple of comments regarding the ride height of the front end, everyone loved the finished product.

Now, another thing about Midnight is his uncanny ability to obtain parts for these old Honda’s that are practically unobtainable.

moriwakicovers.jpgmidnightinprocess12.jpgMidnights Single Sided

Chalk up another first for this guy. I’m not entirely sure who makes that rear end, but it’s pimp. Here is what it looks like now!


Now CLICK HERE check out the garage I made to show the rest of Midnight’s pictures. There are some great closeup shots of his work.

You can also see the original threads in the discussion forums over at CB1100.net