Parts for the Ultimate Ride – New Power Brakes

Power Brakes and Steering from SEMA 2010

ABS Power Brake, Inc

Due to my recent brake failure adventure, brake companies were the first ones I went looking for at SEMA. I luckily found ABS Power Brake, Inc which provides “American Brake and Steering” component parts and kits. In business since 1979, ABS Power Brake provides kits as well as individual components for everything from classic trucks to custom rods.

They have some good possible fixes for my situation – such as a nifty compact dual-reservoir master cylinder – but they also had a couple of really impressive new products.

Disc Brake Kits, Performance Part Review, ABS Brakes, SEMA 2010

In addition to their fairly extensive line of disc brake kits they’ve added a new ABS 14” Big Brake Disc Kit with 2” Drop Spindles. If you need BIG brakes, these 14.5” rotors with 4-piston calipers could be just what your project demands.

Master Cylinder, Electric High Power Master Cylinder, Performance Part Review, Brakes, SEMA 2010

Another new product they’re rolling out is an award-winning Best New Product. It’s an Electric High-Power Master Cylinder Kit that can generate up to 1,200 pounds of pressure all in one self-contained source! ABS Power Brake claims it offers the highest pressure and is the smallest system in the automobile after market industry.

And if they don’t carry that part you’re looking for? They can also design something custom made for your car. And believe me…you don’t want to take any chances with your brakes working correctly!