Nissan Armada GTR- Not for Soccer Mom

Nissan Armada GTR - Concept -custom concept drawing of carsYou’re in trouble when you invite Brian Stupski from Problem Child Kustoms Studio to dinner. Brian’s used to designing super high-end custom hot rods and concept cars for SEMA, which is all great, but when you ask him for help with your own projects, he doesn’t know when to throttle back. “Brian, I don’t have an extra $200k!” It’s great to dream though! Look what he does when I cut him loose on something near and dear to me. The Nissan Armada.

Brian also helped with a blog I wrote for Nissan. I was trying to win a trip to the Lake Tahoe, NV press event for the GTR. You might have read about it in EVERY magazine! I could have driven the GTR on a track. Too bad, my story didn’t win, even with this AMAZING illustration.

Here’s a snippet of the Nissan Blog I wrote. I was trying to describe what I do for Nissan:

It’s tough to focus; I’ve had something on my mind since this morning. Then it hit me; I can see it now: Grocery shopping, trips to the mall, the neighbor kid’s hair on fire, sippy cups take flight! It’s a new understanding and appreciation of the Earth’s natural forces as clear and clean as Maricopa’s morning air. I layout targets for the New Dimensional Multi-Performance Super-SUV: 0-60 faster than most vintage Z’s and enough power and torque to roast Escalades (forget minivans!) I just set targets for the new Armada GTR. God I love my job!

Nissan Pathfinder V8 done up like a Datsu 510 race car vintageWith the real GTR about to hit the US (the cars are in customs in LA right now) this seemed like a good time to finally put this picture up. You might have already seen it on Truckin’ Magazine’s website, but it’s kinda buried.

Truckin’ ran this other picture Brian did in the magazine as a Dream Truck. This is a V8 Nissan Pathfinder concept we’ve been kicking around. Have you driven a Pathfinder? Performance is not bad, but the V8 is just sick. The same 300 horse from the Titan and Armada can be found, unaltered, in the Pathfinder. Hold on.

Brian did me a solid by keeping the logo on the windshield. Thanks my man!

These are both big, high quality images. (click on them to see full size) Please throw them on your desktop!