November Pin Up of the Month – Monica Renee

Hot Rod Pinup Monica Renee

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Monica Renee is a sexy SoCal pinup with a nice paint job of her own. With a pin up girl tattooed on her arm, she is among the most sought out, inked up pinup models in the scene.  Monica’s beauty has graced the pages and covers of many Tattoo and Custom car and bike magazines, and now,  in this interview featuring photos by the lovely Mitzi Valenzuela of  Read all about Monica  in her exclusive MyRideisMe interview below, where she tells us what it is about a custom car that gets her engine purring. The custom featured in these photos is VooDoo Larry’s 46 Ford.

Also, make sure to catch Monica as Ms. January in Mitzi’s 2011 Pinup Calendar. What a way to start the year!

pin-up Monica Renee, pin up girl tattoos, hot rod pinup, pinup girls with VooDoo Larry's 46 Ford

What is it about a custom ride that gets your engine purring? Would you consider it an an aphrodisiac?
I love how each custom ride reflects a little something about its owner. Each car is done up to the owners specifications, exactly how THEY want it done. I feel that it makes a bold statement of individuality… and THAT is a definite turn on :)

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So, you are all dolled up in your sexiest pinup outfit and ready for a night of cruisin’ with your man. What are you wearing and what’s your ride?
I always have to have on my sky high heels… usually my black patent stilettos. Then Ill throw on a tight little dress, curl my hair and, of course, paint my lips red.  If I really want to turn heads, then I jump into my friends 1950 custom Merc and cruise around Orange County all night long!

When you are not posing for sexy pinup pictures, what types of things do you find you self getting into?
Well music is a huge part of my life and a huge inspiration for me, so you will usually find me at a show on a Friday or Saturday night with a Jack and Coke in my hand.
I also, LOVE to travel and discover new places, so I try to get out of southern CA at least twice a month now.

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It seems like Car Culture and Ink go hand in these days. I noticed the great ink work you have on your lovely body. Which one is your favorite piece and why?
I guess, the pinup girl on my upper right arm is my favorite. I got her to commemorate all the pinup work I have done over the years. Shes a reminder of where I started off as a model and it was also the first tattoo I got on my arms.

I think something about a Hot Pinup Vixen draped over a car is artistically gorgeous. What style of pinup modeling is your favorite and why?

I love all styles of pinup. Each style is uniquely expressive and allows the woman to feel sexy, confident and strong. That’s what got us all into pinup in the first place, right?pin up girl tattoos, hot rod pinups, custom car pinupsThe custom ’46 Ford that you are posing with in these photos is amazing. What was your favorite part about the experience?
It was an honor to be able to pose with VooDoo Larry’s gorgeous ride. He is a master at what he does and I was so excited to not only be able to pose with one of his creations, but to also get the opportunity to hangout with him on set. The shoot was so much fun and I would love to chance to be able to drape myself over one of his cars again!

voodoo larry's kustom, pin up girl tattoosIf you’d like to see more of Monica, visit her site (to be online soon!) or you can also swing by and say “hi” to her on myspace at Also, don’t forget to check back here regularly on for more hot pinups and hot rides.

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