60’s Drag Car Found…

Vintage Drag Racing

Back before I was born, my pops raced this car in northern California, especially Fremont Baylands Raceway and Vaca Valley. It was called, “The Happy Home Wrecker” (my parents are divorced):

Nostalgia Drag Racer: 1964 Ford Galaxie from early 70's

I have some great memories of this car because after my dad raced it, he sold it to his friend and racing partner Brad Bradly. I used to see it at Brad’s shop, Bradly’s Automotive in Pt. Richmond, CA. Any time he was going to move that car, we wanted to see it cause it was the loudest car we’d ever heard. Many years later, after the car had changed hands a few times, the new owner, Don Boucher, tracked down Brad in Nevada. Now that I knew who had this old friend, I contacted Don and told him who I was. Don plans to return this car to it’s former drag racing glory. I will be updating this blog based on the progress Don makes. I hope to see this car running again. Don, keep us posted! To see more picture of, “The Wrecker” go to Don’s Garage at MyRideisMe.com

The next story isn’t so happy. Does anyone know where this car is?

Nostalgia Drag Racer: 1932 Ford 5 window coupe from early 70's

I’d really like to find it. It also was raced in northern California. It went by the name “Lime Ricky” and was powered by a fuel injected 289 Ford. You might remember that the car had center steering. You drove with one hand and shifted the 4 speed between your legs! Don’t miss 2nd!

Thanks to a new friend Gian, I’ll make a special section of MyRideisMe.com to help people find the history or track down their car’s original owner or racing history. Stay tuned for that. If anyone has info about this car, please contact me. Thanks for reading!

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