One Night with a Real Doll

Dig these custom shift knobs a buddy’s making.

Using bronze casting skills on aluminum items for his interior shop helped build his sculpting skills until it was obviously time to make a custom cast shifter knob for his car. Over a dozen original design skull shifter knobs later, his car never got one! Since becoming a professional caster my buddy has earned praise from several hot rodders he respects and is proud to say that the artwork can be found in 31 states and 6 foreign countries.



The skulls have a certain level of artistic quality to them. Aside from their historical accuracy, they are set apart from some of the “cartoony” skulls out there, by avoiding excessive exaggeration and including some subtle emotion or energy into each one. However, wanting to grow as an artist, an idea from an early brainstorming session came to life… a pinup girl knob! The goal: Make a piece that not only would look attractive in a car, but would also stand on its own above the “lo-brow” genre as a piece of art. Here it is:


They say a gentleman never tells, so the inspiration behind this piece will be vague. A memorable experience with a real doll is all we’ll say! Two weeks later, the result was a 6.5” reclining nude.


She’s hot, right?


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