Party with the Arizona Sinners

I only heard it was a “Rat Rod” car show in Phoenix. My roadster’s a rat rod, whatever that means anymore, so I figured I’d fit in. Later I found out the party was hosted by my online friend Cadillac Cowboy (Bob) and his buddies from the Arizona Sinners. Bob’s got a few pics of his nasty Blown 427 Model T in his garage here at

The Arizona Sinners I’ve met have been easy going and die hard car guys. They build what the drive and they drive’m hard. One sinner at the party, Jerry, introduced me to the HAMB message board way back in 2002. If you want to find Jerry, look for his Hawaiian/Vintage style shirt at just about any swap meet in AZ. He’ll be there carrying a handful of vintage tools and an old gauge or two. He’s one of those guys that’s always there early then stays late to get the deals. I also think he’d drive his old Chevy truck (old cause he likes it that way!) across Arizona uphill both ways to help a friend.

It was cool to meet Bob face to face and check out his new shop. At 11th Ave and Grand, he’s right in the heart of Phoenix’s Art Walk. Building vintage style cars or motorcycles might not be art to everyone, but it is to Bob and his shop’s got room to grow and big plans. We’ll stop back buy when he’s had time to (clean up from the party!) get things organized. The Rockabilly style bands were jamming in what will soon be a custom showcase for finished cars and bikes, pinstriping and pinup art. Stop by yourself and have a look!

Until then, enjoy a few pictures taken by my man Paul Swansen. I think he enjoys sharing alot of pictures at (he’s made several car show picture galleries) cause it makes my photos look like crap. That’s cool with me as long as he keeps sharing! To get a high res copy of any shot shown below, get in touch with Paul from his car show garage that’s stuffed with his original photos.

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