PCK’s Shine-Runner – Dream Car in Rod & Custom

Dream Car 1953 Ford "Shine Runner" 500Friends sometimes make it easy on ya. Here’s one of those times. Dig this hot rod art from Brian Stupski, my buddy from G-town (Gilbert, Arizona, but it’s really not that hip).

I’ve said before that making new friends in the hot rod and custom world is one of the coolest parts of making and running MyRideisMe.com. Brian from Problem Child Kustoms Studio is tops on the cool list of new friends.

Never mind that Brian’s crapped out more knowledge about cars, especially historically significant hot rods and customs, then I have to this day, but on top of that, the man’s got skills! Skill in design. You don’t simply get a “pretty picture” you get a design, the whole DESIGN! Want to know the part number of the Air Ride setup you’ll need? He’s got it. Want to know the offset of those new 18’s and 19’s you’ll be running? He knows. That’s the detail you get when hooking up with a professional designer.

So check out the December 2008 issue of Rod and Custom, page 8-9. That’s Brian’s Shine-Runner 500. That came out of his head and was done for the mag. Somebody should build that!

It’s a 1953 Ford with all the right mods running a 427 Cammer motor.

Case in point about Brian’s wisdom (or maybe sickness?): The big 427 sports a Potvin blower. What’s a Potvin blower? AND… where the hell did you get the idea to stick it out the front grill opening?

(I had to check… here’s some info about front mount Potvin Blowers over at the Metalshapers Association.)

Thanks for all the support Brian!