First Pictures from 2011 LA Roadster Show

Custom Hot Rods Rock the LA Roadsters

LA Roadster Show, custom hot rods, roadster show pomona, hot rod roadster

Back again! For the 5th year, this is one of the best hot rod and custom car shows you’ll see, in California, or maybe anywhere. It’s easy to see why this show’s a success:

  1. The Roadster Show “proper” – finished, shiny painted no-roof cars only
  2. The “Other” cars… every other custom car in So-cal, pre ’75, want’n a primo parking spot
  3. A freakin HUGE swap meet!! (if this doesn’t get yer motor turn’n… move on now)

Make your way to Pomona, make sure to Learn the NEW LA Roadster Show layout and enjoy what we found…

2011 LA Roadsters Show

Here’s how the day starts for most people attending the LA Roadster Show. It’s a massive line.

LA Roadster show, roadster show pomona, socal swap meet, hot rod roadster

We arrived at about 3:30AM on Friday morning (no we’re not psycho, that’s just when we arrived from AZ!) and were in the 5th line. Each line was about 1/2 mile long with trucks, trailers and RV’s filled with swap’n goodies.

It’s not long before you realize… you might see just about anything…
Chevy ute, right hand drive chevy ute, la roadster show

Look closely, that’s a right hand driver Chevy Ute. When’s the last time you saw one of those cruising your home town?

custom Studebacker Pickup, rat rod studebaker

Keep’n the truck theme, outa Ventura, this Studebaker pickup kissed pavement on all four corners and did it with the paint it’s worn since Peter,, Clement and Henry Studebaker were in short-pants!

This Stude’s part of the bigger picture though… the swap meet. Anything you need can be found. You may pay more than you wanted, but you should be able to find it. Case in point:

Roadster Show Pomona swap, pomona swap, vintage injectors
Roadster Show pomona, LA Roadsters, hot rod parts

This guy had the Edelbrock “Air Gap” intake I was looking for, but it was a single plane and pops wants a dual plane. Every seen a larger collection of finned valve covers? Both of these photos was one vendor.

Not far away:
Eddie Meyers Flathead, flat head parts, roadster show Pomona
If you were trying to decide… send your kids to college or get a rare, Hollywood  Eddie Meyers flathead intake and air cleaners setup… (anyone know more about this intake?)

More Custom Hot Rods!

1932 hot rod, custom hot rods, 1932 Ford Hot Rod, Roadster Show Pomona

Traveling in a custom hauler I may only every dream of, this Hemi powered 1932 hot rod Ford 3 window coupe was stunning.

ford 3 window coupe, hot rod ford coupe, 1932 Hot Rod

Inside and out the car was perfectly done. It’s my mission to find out more about this coupe.

57 Thunderbird, gasser thunderbird, custom hot rods

From the coupe to custom hot rods with a distinct racing vibe, if you’ve never noticed, I have a thinng for vintage styled gassers. This 1957 Ford Thunderbird sports a straight axle and Kelsey mags up front. Nose in the air, that’s how we like the “Happy Hooker”.

Gasser Willys, vintage willys hot rod, custom hot rods

“Nasty Habit”? Why? This Willys gasser sits perfectly, has white headers just like the models I used to built and looks wicked fast just sitting there. I suggest changing the name to something that better reflects how I feel about it: “Daily Vitamin” (I’m not so good with names…)

Finally, this banger-sport’n sling shot digger from before my parents knew each other…

vintage drag racing, nostalgia front engine dragster, pomona car show

I must know what this beast sounds like!

So what’s left? Duh! The Roadsters of the LA Roadster Show! For 2011, the LA Roadsters moved things around, so I didn’t get a chance to see too much of the roadster show. No problem! This is only Friday. Officially, the show hasn’t even start.

Look for more roadster pictures here.

How’s it going so far?

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