Pinstriped Pin Up Heats up the Garage

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Straight from Dallas Texas, I bring you Hellkitten. This curvaceous pin up boasts some super hot pinstriping – on her body. Hellkitten is not just another pretty face in the crowd. She proudly owns and operates her own online clothing store She showcases her work with amazing photos and you can really see how her love for cars inspired her style and the details of her webstore.

Hellkitten has told me in our interview below how her affection for cars began, and why she loves them so much. All though she’s a clothing designer and looks hot in latex and heels, there is a much ‘tougher’ side to Hellkitten. She’s a a representative for Pinups for Pittbulls, the organization that strives to set the record straight on Pittbulls and the bad rap they have picked up over the years, (by using some great imagery of sexy pin up girls and their prized pooches, you can order the calendar here.) It’s no doubt these dogs are tough, but the tough part about that job is getting the point across. I truly admire anyone who goes out of there way for the well being of these animals. (yes, you guessed it, I am a pitbull owner myself)

Enough of me yammering on let’s get to the meat and gravy of this story, the interview and the amazing photos of Hellkitten taken by pin up photographer, Viva Van Story.

Sexy Pin Up Hellkitten, Pin-ups, pinup girl, pinup model, hotrod pinup, tattooed pinup, pin up photography

I’d like to get your take on why Pin Ups and Hot rods go so well together. What is it about the duo that have stood the test of time?

I think its all about the curves.  The curves of the pin up compliment the curves on the car.  Attitude too… you can really convey a true scene by the attitude the model has with the car.   Plus who doesn’t want to see a pretty girl with a hot car?

Pin Ups for Pitbulls Hellkitten,tattooed pin up, pin-ups, pin up girl, pin up model, pinups, hotrod pinup, pinup photography

You have some amazing “Pinstriping” on your body, and it’s really sexy. Also, a mark of a true car enthusiast. What inspired your love for Rods and Customs?

I was raised a car girl.  My father was a car fan and my next door neighbor growing up built street rods.  Being a nosey girl I was constantly over there asking “Whats that” and “Make the car loud”  and silly things like that.  I really learned a lot between  my neighbor and my father and learned a true appreciation for classic cars (not to mention lots of impressive car facts)  My neighbor even inspired me to learn welding.

Hotrod Pin Up,tattooed pin up, pin-ups, pin up girl, pin up model, pinups, hotrod pinup, pinup photography

You had mentioned something to me about latex. Teehee… you have to tell me the whole story! What is it about latex and a sweaty, hot body?

Well… this is an embarrassing one!  The first time I shot with latex it was summer & we shot outside.   Lets just say once you get sweaty, the latex shifts, so all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions were happening.  Then (this is the best part)  when I went to take off the items, they made some very strange & obscene sounding noises while I was pulling the clothing off.   Its was really funny, but embarrassing at the time being with people I didn’t know well!  Needless to say- we are all great friends now… and I like to shoot latex in the winter now! ha ha ha!

Sexy Hot Rod Pinup Hellkitten,Oooh thats a tough one........torch...every time...and for the record....acetylene.  Thats my favorite!

For the record, curling iron or blow torch?

Oooh thats a tough one……..torch… every time… and for the record…. acetylene.  That’s my favorite!

Not only just a pretty face, you own and operate your own line of clothing called Hellkitten Originals. How did that venture come to be?

I studied fashion design in college and I always loved recreating vintage 50’s designs. I made a large majority of my pin up modeling wardrobe and many people asked where they could get them.  So in early 2009 Hellkitten original was born.   I noticed girls in the pin up scene are all shapes & sizes, so that is when I started doing custom items.   There is no greater thrill to me than to have a client that cannot buy items “off the rack”  receive my clothing  & it fits them like a glove.   Every woman is beautiful and they deserve to look that way too!

If you want more of Hellkitten, or her clothing you can visit her at her Facebook Fan Page here.

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