Pinstriping Circus Goes Nuts on a Welding Helmet #2

7 Hot Rod Artist Pinstriping for Charity (part 2)

Bid to win this helmet on Ebay now: Custom Pinstriping on Welding Helmet

Pinstriping, custom, LA Rodster Show, Mitch Maciel

Next up is pinstriper Mitch Maciel. In case you missed it, this is the custom, brand new Lincoln Electric Viking Welding Helmets we’ll auction on Ebay with the benefits going to our friends from Progeria Research. Want to see pics of the finished helmet? Right here: Finished pinstriping pictures

Mitch pinstripes out of Los Angeles, CA and showed us a distinct scroll style of pinstriping. Looking for something in this style for your hot rod? Catch up with Mitch by email.

And for a lady’s touch, meet pinstriper Jenn Hallett

Pinstriping, custom helmet, Jenn Hallett

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Jenn is she’s cute as a button! If you’re smart enough to talk to her, you’ll quickly learn her looks aren’t her only great quality! Jenn’s just cool and a talented artist. I asked about her brush prep technique… look at her fingers. Some pinstripers use glossy paper, like from a magazine, to prep their brushes for fine lines, but others use their fingertips like Jenn and Dave Whittle coming up next.

Pinstriping by Jenn Hallett

Anytime the pinstriping takes the shape of something else: an animal, face, tiki or whatever, I approve! This evil looking character pinstriped on a a skate deck was also done on an upright bass for a psychobilly festival in Germany called the “Satanic Stomp”. As you can tell, I was smitten by Ms. Jenn… and her work! (Click to see the larger pictures)

Pinstriping, custom, Jenn HallettPinstriping, custom, Jenn Hallett

What’s not to love!?  Get in touch with Jenn for striping work by sending an email.

Last but certainly not least was pinstriping legend Dave Whittle.

Pinstriping by Dave Whittle

Wrapping up the welding helmet, Dave made use of what little space everyone left him. No offense taken, that’s how pinstriping jams go. Dave added his unique touch over of Kong’s work on the top of the helmet and added his signature. Look close to see how the pinstriping brush makes the H of his name.

I need to do another story on Dave. Starting back in 1963 at car shows, guess who his mentors are? Ed Roth and The Barron Kelly. Heard of them? After watching the masters work, he started pinstriping everything around him in the 7th grade.

Here’s a step by step of Dave pinstriping the helmet:

Pinstriping,custom, dave Whittle
Pinstriping,custom, dave Whittle
Pinstriping,custom, dave Whittle

Notice Dave’s got paint on his index finger and thumb and notice how he paints each individual dot. You can reach Dave Whittle Pinstriping by email.

Thanks to all of the pinstripers for their hard work and friendly conversation. I really appreciate it. Here’s each pinstriper one more time:

  • Von Hot Rod
  • Kong
  • Jeff Styles
  • Tom McWeeney
  • Mitch Maciel
  • Jenn Hallett
  • Dave Whittle

Choose any of these guys for quality pinstriping and a kind heart.

Remember to check back on the Ebay auction and grab a copy of the iWeld Newsletter to support Lincoln Electric for their generosity.

What should we pinstripe next?

Did you miss part #1 of this story? Pinstriping Helmet Part #1.

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