Custom Pinstriped Welding Helmet for Charity

Pinstriping for Charity

Bid to win this helmet on Ebay now: Custom Pinstriped Welding Helmet

Pinstriper, pinstriping, Dave Whittle

The good people at Lincoln Electric gave some of their new Viking Welding Helmets to use as give-aways. (that’s my full disclosure!)  As much as I wanted this simple gloss black helmet (#2815-1) for myself (plus the pinstriping from buddy) I decided to auction it for charity with the help of Von Hot Rod’s Pinstriping Circus. What charity? With so many great ones out there, I don’t want to choose, so I’m sticking with our friends from Progeria Research. They’re nearing a cure that could save these kids and I want to be a part of it. I also think the world of the Foose Family for what they’ve been through and what they continue to do for Progeria.  Take 5 minutes to read this story of courage: Amy Foose. You’ll be glad you did.

So here’s the helmet! I’ll auction this helmet on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to Progeria… It’s listed Right Now! The story is live in Lincoln Electric’s iWeld Newsletter. (September 2010)

I’ve created the Ebay listing under my personal seelling profile, Superfly145.  Here’s the Auction: Pinstriped Welding Helmet

Here’s the rest of the pictures:


If you’re compelled to give to Progeria here’s a link to give right away. I’m part of Terry Foose’s giving team (Chip Foose’s mom) Here’s the link. Please give generously!

Now, you’ve got to see the 7 artists from the Pinstriping Circus that made this helmet possible.

1-4 of the Pinstriping Artists
Von Hot Rod, Kong, Jeff Styles and Jeff McWeeney

5-7 finish the Pinstriping
Mitch Maciel, Jenn Hallett and Dave Whittle