Pinup Lemonade. Think it’s Sweet?

pinup model zoe scarlett on LemonadeI heard from one of our favorite pinup models, Zoe Scarlett.  Zoe’s the first pinup model we featured when she was on a flier we made for the very first show we attended in California.  She was our Billetproof Pinup here thanks to our friend and extraordinary photographer Dirk Behlau from Pixeleye Racing.

And just for the record, Zoe’s Swiss! From Switzerland, you know? No matter how many times I screw that up, that’s not gonna change…

So Zoe told me she’s on a bottle of lemonade. Here’s the scoop. Available soon, I’ll try to post a link to where it’s on sale.

In the first time of history, Abbondio Aranciata has decided to use a still alive pin up beauty to cover their bottle.

After intensive research, Abbondio found the well known Swiss Pin Up girl and discovered she’s the only European doll on the world ranking of the top 10 pin ups.

The Zoe Scarlett Limited Edition beverage will be launched worldwide in late March. In addition to the “Terroni in Los Angeles, ” harrods ” in London or the “Zanzibar” in Frankfurt the lemonade will also be available in Canada, America, Mexico, Europe, Arabia, India, Japan and Australia.

Thanks Zoe!