Pinup Models Wanted for MyRideisMe Gallery’s new picture gallery needs pinup models! What’s better than girls posing with cars? I’ve been getting a few request for info about pinup model pictures (Special thanks to Frenchy from Kitten Koffin Zombies at Myspace)

Here’s the info you’ll need:

Here’s the link: Pinup Pics so you know what it looks like. I want to fill it up with hot (but not nude) pinup or bikini models . I will only use models with cars or bikes or both. As much as I like the other pics, please, ONLY send pics with cars and bikes.

To give proper credit, I need:
1) Model’s name (and I can add her website as a click-able link too)
2) Photographer’s name (also click-able link)
3) Contact info (email or myspace page, whatever they want- also a click-able)
4) I’ll also do clothing lines, bags and what-not, as long as they’re posing with cars and bikes!

Email all pics (zipped to one file please) to: pikesan at myrideisme dot com (spaced out to avoid spam)

Each model can send as many pictures as you want. Each set of pictures will be setup by photographer or model, but NOT both. If you have lots of pictures of yourself, but by several photographers, please put the credits in the picture BEFORE sending them, or let me know that I don’t need to give photo credit. Here’s an example of how to insert credits into the photo:

In the meantime, please tell your friends, boyfriends and husbands about or join yourself! It’s a little like Myspace, but only for gearheads.

And if you want, check out all the Pinups here Pinups Models & Hot Rods

Here’s my ride to see what the site does…

Thank you!