Pullin Lines #2: LA Roadster Show Pinstriping

When you find cool hot rods like at Pomona, California’s LA Roadster Show, there’s bound to be great example’s of hot rodding’s art form: Pinstriping.  My man Swanee went nuts at the Roadster show and at the preceding So-cal Open House car show.

Hot rod - pinstriping from the LA Roadster Show

The truck of a full fendered car is like a blank canvas to pinstriping artists. This one combines thin lines with a sexy silhoutte of a woman. Fantastic!

Here’s just one example of the slick pinstriping and great photos that we hope we can all learn from:

  • What’s out there in pinstriping?
  • What colors might work on my car? (let the striper pick, you’ll be glad you did)
  • How much is enough pinstriping and what’s too much? (tastes vary!)

So hurry over to the pinstriping picture gallery and also, check out Pullin Lines #1: From Viva Las Vegas pinstriping gallery.

MyRideisMe.com is looking for pinstriping artist to feature in a story and in our gallery.  Links to your website provided.  Let’s see what you’ve got! And if this is your work, please tell us…